Ice Hockey World Championship: Revenge? Germany in the World Cup quarterfinals against the Czech Republic – news

Holzer: “Are ready”

In fact, the lousy showing at the February Olympics appears to have been just a slip down. Atmosphere, performance and will are much better in Helsinki than in Beijing and are reminiscent of last year’s World Cup in Riga, when Germany finished fourth. “We are definitely ready for the next step now,” said Holzer.

And the national coach, who was audibly cold, also let it be known that he wanted more. “We did a lot well, we still have to improve some things. On the whole I’m satisfied. I think you could see that we’re ready,” said the 44-year-old Finn, who is also happy to still be in Helsinki for being able to stay in the quarter-finals and not having to go to Tampere. “Anyone who has been to both cities knows that Helsinki is the nicer city,” said Söderholm dryly.

Previous German Quarterfinals

Since its introduction in 1992, the selection of the German Ice Hockey Federation has played twelve quarter-finals at world championships. The DEB team only made it to the semi-finals twice, beating Switzerland in each case.

2021RigaGermany – Switzerland3:2 n.P.
2019BratislavaGermany – Czech Republic1:5
2017KölnGermany – Canada1:2
2016MoscowGermany – Russia1:4
2011BratislavaGermany – Sweden2:5
2010MannheimGermany – Switzerland1:0
2003TurkuGermany – Canada2:3 n.V.
2002GothenburgGermany – Sweden2:6
2001KölnGermany – Finland1:4
1996WienGermany – Czech Republic1:6
1993MünchenGermany – Russia1:5
1992ThresholdGermany – Switzerland


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