Ice Hockey World Championship: Switzerland versus Canada

3:56 p.m

3: 3 after 20 minutes: Entertaining exchange of blows in Helsinki

Switzerland put in a courageous start third against Canada and had several chances to take the lead at the beginning – even outnumbered after Timo Meier received a five-minute penalty for an overly reckless body check. Switzerland’s supposed opening goal by Nico Hischier is disallowed due to a goalkeeper’s disability.

Instead, Canada goes in front: Kent Johnson shoots at Leonardo Genoni, whose leg bounces the puck into the goal. Michael Fora finds the prompt answer for the Nati, who fall behind again a little later – of all things on the power play. Switzerland didn’t let themselves be shaken off again and equalized again with a goal worth seeing from Dean Kukan, before cold-blooded Canadians took the lead for the third time. But the “Ice Fellows” hit back again shortly before the end of the period through Jonas Siegenthaler. (dur)

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