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Ice hockey / Worlds 2022 / Helsinki and Tampere

Russia, a great nation of the discipline and Belarus, excluded from the worlds by the IIHF, made the happiness of France and Austria, two nations which were drafted for these worlds 2022.

For the Habs, relegated in 2019, it will finally be a return to the fore but for Philippe Bozon’s men, the “maintenance” mission promises to be complicated.

“Maintaining will not go through a single victory, we are not pointing to one game or another. We beat Italy 2-0 during the Olympic qualifying tournament, but it was with Roussel, Bellemare and Da Costa , we won’t have the same team” indicates Philippe Bozon, the coach.

The trio quoted by Bozon will be absent from these World Cups, for various reasons, but France welcomes this time Alexandre Texier, the young talent of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Placed in group A with Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, Kazakhstan and Italy, it will be a question of avoiding the last place to stay in group A next season.

In group B, we find Finland, the USA, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Great Britain and Austria.

Each team faces once all the nations in its group, the first four are qualified for 1/4. The last two are relegated to Group B.

Hungary and Slovenia are promoted for the next world.

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To follow the matches live on French soil, only one option: the Fanseat application! Too bad that the sports channels are once again missing out on this magnificent event.

Friday May 13

France vs Slovakia : 2-4

Logical but encouraging defeat for the Habs. Led 2-0, Philippe Bozon’s players manage to equalize thanks to Anthony Rech and Jordann Perret. But six minutes later Samuel Takac restores the advantage to his team.

The last period will once again be slightly dominated by the Slovaks with the French who will hang on to the end before releasing the goal Henri Corentin Buysse two minutes from the siren.

Bozon logically tries everything for everything with 6 against 5 before seeing Pavol Regenda, author of the first goal, scored this time in the empty cage.

USA – Latvia: 4-1

Logical success of the Americans who line up a formation with NHL players but the score is quite misleading. Supported by many fans, the Latvians did more than resist.

Germany vs. Canada : 3-5

Without their star Leon Draisaitl, who is currently playing the NHL playoffs with Edmonton, the Germans offered a good resistance to the Canadians. We particularly appreciated the talent of Tim Stützle, the young prodigy of the Ottawa Senators.

Finland vs Norway: 5-0

In front of his audience, local hockey players reinforced by a few NHL players make short work of Norway.

Saturday May 14

Danemark vs Kazakhstan

Sweden vs Austria

Switzerland vs Italy

Czech Republic vs Great Britain

Slovakia vs Germany

Latvia vs Finland