Ice storm: a country is experiencing the equivalent of the Quebec crisis of 1998

Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 8:45 am – The port city of Vladivostok in far-eastern Russia is currently buried in staggering amounts of ice, so a state of emergency has been declared.

An intense snowstorm has hit the Vladivostok region hard in recent days. The impact of two powerful air masses would have caused this ice storm. Almost 1.2 cm of ice covers most surfaces, a phenomenon that local authorities had not seen for 30 years.

Mature trees have given way under the weight of the ice, blocking streets and making travel extremely difficult – not to mention the icy pavement.

At least 150,000 homes are still without electricity, and many schools have been forced to close. The state of emergency will be in effect for several more days.

Note that the city of Vladivostok is an important port in the Pacific Ocean.

An air of déjà vu …

These landscapes are not completely foreign to Quebecers who lived through the ice storm of 1998. Between January 5 and 10, 1998, nearly 100 millimeters of freezing rain fell on the eastern part of the continent, including Quebec and a part. from Ontario.

Pictured: A firefighter picking up the remains of electric wires on Saint-Joseph Boulevard in Montreal in 1998

Life was completely crippled for days as thousands of households contended with power outages. Nearly 3,000 kilometers of power lines have effectively given way under the weight of the ice.

This event remains one of the costliest disasters ever seen in the country.




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