Iceberg lettuce - the number 1 in Switzerland

Iceberg lettuce - the number 1 in Switzerland

April 16, 2018
From April to October, consumers can look forward to their favorite salad. Around 4 kilos of iceberg lettuce are eaten in Switzerland per capita per year. He is on a top spot in the vegetables and salads even by far in first place clearly followed by lettuce. Source:

An advantage of iceberg lettuce is its long shelf life compared to other lettuce varieties. It stays fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Moreover, it does not need to be washed because of its compact, dense shape. Only the outer, loose leaves should be removed.

Transported with ice

He does not owe his name to his looks, because he does not really look like an iceberg. In the past, when there were no refrigerated trucks, the lettuce was transported from the West Coast to other parts of the country in the United States, while it was stored in railway carriages on large blocks of ice. So he stayed fresh and crisp. That is why he is still called iceberg lettuce or is called in some regions ice lettuce.

Source: Release date: 16.04.2018

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