iCloud evolves, the paid version becomes iCloud +

Change of name for the paid version of Apple’s cloud service which becomes iCloud +. Apple is taking the opportunity to add new services, on the free version and the paid version. ICloud + prices remain unchanged.

On iCloud +, Apple is adding a new feature called Private Relay. Simply put, it is a VPN, which goes through two servers to anonymize your connection, so that neither the site visited nor Apple can see any personal data concerning you.

iCloud + Private Relay

Another feature is called Hide My Email Address, and it’s quite aptly named. When registering somewhere, it is possible to select this option which will create a random iCloud address on the fly, redirected by the user’s account. It is then possible to deactivate this address at any time in the event of a problem. By the way, Apple indicates that iCloud + will allow users who wish to use their own domain name for their iCloud Mail account: this is an important novelty for some professionals.

iCloud + Hide my email

iCloud + will also make it possible to support an unlimited quantity of HomeKit Secure Video cameras, the content of which has the particularity of not being deducted from the storage of the iCloud account.

iCloud + Cameras

On iCloud itself, that is to say for all users whether they pay for a subscription or not, Apple also has two new features to offer. The first is called iCloud Recovery and it offers a simple way to recover your password in case of loss: just assign one or more trusted contacts who will have a special code to recover the account in question. The second is called iCloud Legacy and it allows you to designate contacts who can recover account data in the event of the death of its owner.

iCloud Recovery iCloud Legacy

Finally, a last very interesting novelty has been designed for heads in the air who do not regularly back up their devices: with iOS 15, Apple will allow you to make an iCloud backup of your iPhone or iPad even if the space available on it. iCloud is not enough, for free, with three weeks of availability for backup. This could be practical in the context of a repair or a change of device without the possibility of making a physical backup immediately.

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