Iconic Hong Kong restaurant sunk in South China Sea during relocation | Abroad

The ship’s owners said in a press release that the ship capsized and sank “under stormy conditions” near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. No one was injured in the incident. The company says it will receive “further details” from the transport company about what happened.

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The ship could no longer be salvaged, as the sea in the area is a thousand meters deep.

The tourist attraction closed its doors last week after 46 years. The restaurant was a household name in the city, with famous visitors such as Tom Cruise and the British Queen Elizabeth coming for dinner. In addition, ‘Jumbo’ has appeared in films, such as Jackie Chan’s. The ship was visited by more than 30 million visitors, according to business magazine Forbes.

Big losses

Still, the restaurant would not fare well and would even suffer huge losses since 2014. The restaurant closed permanently in 2020 when no one could come and eat because of corona.

And so it was time for residents of Hong Kong to say goodbye to the ship, because it cost the owners a lot of money, while it brought them nothing. However, not everyone is convinced of the innocence of the tow company and the owners of the restaurant. For example, some speculate that the move was deliberate to avoid an expensive demolition operation.

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