Ida Nowakowska would have missed the plane. The police escorted her?

The TVP star went to the USA with her husband and son in early May. Nowakowska decided to spend some time with her family and take a break from work. At that time, she quieted down a bit on Instagram, where she has so far been eager to add posts and reports, showing fans the backstage of her life. Her holiday, just like any other holiday, was over and the presenter had to go on a return flight to Poland. Unfortunately, on the way to the airport, an unpleasant surprise awaited her – the Uber she was traveling with broke down, which heralded another, much more serious, trouble. Fortunately, the American police rushed to help Ida and took Nowakowska and her family to the desired place.

Ida Nowakowska did not spare her cordiality towards the law enforcement officer in social media. It’s nice that she appreciated the help of the services!

The jury points from the Polish jury were given during the Eurovision 2022 finals by Ida Nowakowska. The presenter appeared all in white, emphasizing only the support for Ukraine by attaching a ribbon in the colors of the Ukrainian flag to the dress. In her short speech, the TVP star referred to the current situation of Ukraine, which is bravely fighting Russia’s aggression. Ida, full of excitement, announced to everyone that our 12 points were awarded to the Kalush Orchestra, representing Ukraine, during this year’s Eurovision.

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