IDCAC alternatives

Mon, September 19, 2022, Lioh Möller

We were shocked to hear the news last week that the ‘I don’t care about cookies’ browser extension was acquired by Avast.

In addition to a first fork, which currently still has to be installed manually and thus bypasses important security mechanisms when installing addons in Firefox, there are good alternatives that can be implemented with little effort.

A distinction must first be made between the disruptive elements on websites, which usually request acceptance of the cookie settings by means of so-called dark patterns, and the actual cookies.

The IDCAC extension was only intended to hide the annoying web elements and did not attach any importance to protecting the privacy of the user. A useful, but not very clear add-on for automatically deleting unwanted cookies is Cookie AutoDelete.

Web elements for defining cookie preferences, on the other hand, can be hidden very well with uBlock Origin. To do this, you can use the following lists in the Filter lists area in the settings Annoyances to be activated:

  • AdGuard Annoyances
  • EasyList Cookie
  • Fanboy’s Annoyance
  • uBlock filters – Annoyances

The frequently recommended add-on Consent-O-Matic regularly failed in our tests and also led to malfunctions on some websites.

Alternatively, the CookieBlock AddOn developed at ETH can be used, which categorizes cookies using machine learning and can automatically delete unwanted cookies. In the settings, only local storage of the cookie history can be activated in order to improve categorization. The add-on thus increases its performance over the course of use.

If necessary, the item for accepting functionality cookies can be deactivated and the bias value for strictly necessary cookies can be adjusted.