Ideal men’s clothing for the whole year, no matter the weather

There are no secrets or hidden sciences when identifying what are the basics on the Clothes for men. There is no longer any novelty when we say that in the closet of all of us there must be, at least, a white shirt, a formal jacket, dark jeans without rips and a good list of other clothes that can accompany us on a daily basis. That they function as those connection points for everything we decide to wear, either because it has become fashionable or because we are experimenting a bit with our style.

However, there is a pattern of clothing to which we rarely pay attention and that is very, very important. A list of garments that are unique in their kind and that, in a very specific way, help us to have a better image throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Moreover, we could say that these are the ones we need the most when we go from one station to another; for example, from summer to autumn, or from winter to spring. Those days in the calendar when we don’t have much idea what to wear.

Paying special attention to these garments, in GQ we have realized that they need extra love and attention from us. For this reason, we have come to explain to you what each and every one of them is about, and why they cannot be missing from your wardrobe. Especially because, as we already told you, it doesn’t matter if it’s hot, cold or very windy: they will always help you see yourself Super cool no longer succumb to the weather report.

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Much of this great style falls on the beanie hat.

Edward Berthelot via Getty Images

One of those pieces that goes from spring-summer to autumn-winter without any problem. On sunny days it makes you look like a guy with a lot of attitude. For windy and cold days, it helps you achieve slightly vintage looks with a quite cozy air. From solid colors and knits, to those that show off patterns and experiment with other materials — like nylon — you need a couple of beanies in your wardrobe. Just be very mindful of what you should (and shouldn’t) do when wearing a beanie so you don’t look ridiculous.

harington jacket

Handsome stylish man Ryan Reynolds

A master of style.

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