After the controversial appointment of country singer Blake Shelton last year, Idris Elba has just been crowned as the Sexiest Man in the World by People magazine in a new era in which it is no longer enough to have a marked abs and a beautiful smile , although that also helps, of course. The parameters that the publication follows, that began to elaborate this special issue in 1985 with a then very young Mel Gibson as protagonist, focus less on the physical and more on finding a rising star that he has proved to be respectful of women and a kind and generous person of spirit in general, qualities that the British interpreter seems to gather in abundance. "I could not believe it, really, I even looked in the mirror, to check my And the truth is that I had to admit that that particular day was pretty sexy, but to be completely honest, it was a nice feeling. of a surprise and served to raise my ego a bit, "he confessed about his appointment, which in his case is even more deserved to have had to work hard to go from being an ugly duckling to one of the most desired artists of the industry. "He was a very tall and thin boy, and on top of that he called me Idrissa Akuna Elba, do you understand me? They got in a bit with me … but as soon as I could grow a mustache, I became the most interesting kid in the neighborhood. You just have to leave mustache, add a few muscles and that's it. It's crazy, but that's the way it is. "When he's not making a tough guy on the small and big screen – the 46-year-old actor has become one of the most popular television cops thanks to the 'Luther' series and rumored that he could be the next James Bond-, boxing or dedicating himself to his parallel career as a DJ, Elba dedicates all his time to acting as the father of his two offspring, a 16 year old teenager and a small child of 4 who bring out their more tender side. "Witnessing the birth of my children has been the greatest and most wonderful moment of my entire life. I am a very affectionate father, I love to give kisses, hugs and tell them that I love them constantly. I'm sure my oldest daughter thinks I need to calm down a bit, but at least my son is still at that age where he loves cuddles and cuddles. "


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