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Home News Ieuan Harley was imprisoned for killing child murderer David Gaut

Ieuan Harley was imprisoned for killing child murderer David Gaut

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David Gaut was found in his apartment last August

A man who stabbed a convicted child murderer has been imprisoned for murder for at least 24 years.

David Gaut received 176 knife wounds during the attack by Ieuan Harley, 23, of New Tredegar, Caerphilly, last August.

Harley was convicted on Monday in Newport Crown Court, and two others were arrested for their involvement in the murder.

Gaut was 33 years old when he murdered a 17-month-old boy and was released in 2017.

Last month, a court hearing heard that Gaut had been invited to a neighbor's apartment after the verdict of the past was revealed.

  • Babym√∂rder murdered for crimes committed in 1985

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Ieuan Harley, 23, has been working behind bars for at least 24 years

Gaut pretended to have been in prison for murdering a soldier. His neighbors, however, discovered the truth about his criminal past when he searched his name on the Internet.

The court was told that David Osborne, 51, a low IQ alcoholic, and Darran Evesham, 47, had helped Harley move the body and eliminate evidence.

Harley, who had no fixed address, was convicted of murder and falsified the course of justice.

New Tredegar's Evesham was found guilty of falsifying legal action, while Osborne was released from Elliot's town after he admitted he was taking legal action.

Evesham was imprisoned for three and a half years while Osborne received two years and four months.

In a statement about the victim's effects, read on behalf of Gaut's mother, Phyllis Gaut said, "For some people, he was a monster, but for me he was my son and I loved him."

In 1985, Gaut, then 21 years old, was sentenced to 32 years in prison after torturing and killing 17-year-old Chi Ming Shek by breaking his skull.

The child, known as Marky, also had a broken arm, a torn liver, and a torn spleen after being beaten and burned.

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South Wales police

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David Osborne and Darran Evesham were both detained for their involvement in the murder

Harley's actions were described as "wild" and "brutal" when the court heard he had a series of violent convictions.

Prosecutor Ben Douglas-Jones, QC, said Harley also had attacks on men he thought were child molestation.

The judge, Mr. Justice Lewis, said Gaut was "really sorry" about Harley before he was "brutally" murdered and mutilated after his death.

"You wanted to make him suffer, and you killed him first," he said.

Det Supt Judith Roberts of Gwent Police said, "The shocking violence inflicted on David Gaut before and after his death is reflected in the imprisonment imposed on Ieuan Harley today."

She also said she wanted to "pay tribute to David's family, who had to cope with his death and relive past events over the last eight months they did not play a role in."


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