If God forbid, we would lose the two cases.. Adib Al-Omari reveals new details regarding the victory case with Kno

Al-Marsad Sports: Adib Al-Omari, an official in the former Saudi Billiards Federation, reassured the Al-Nasr fans about the issue of the player Muhammad Kanoo.

Al-Omari said on his Twitter account: “I would like to reassure the fans of victory in the Kno case. If the decision is reversed, the arbitration center due to lack of jurisdiction will return to the Professional Committee, which is the one who issues the decision, as well as the case of Hamdallah. If a decision of the Dispute Resolution Chamber is issued against Al-Nasr, it will go to the Kass court and will be presented The recordings, and God willing, its decision will be in favor of the world. Leave the sparks.”

He added: “And if, God forbid, we lost the two cases, although according to my simple legal experience in the regulations of the Union suggests otherwise, and they were suspended and his decision will not change, but we won the victory and lost the complacency.”