If I stayed in the stadium in Kiev, we would beat Madrid

Liverpool’s top scorer Mohamed Salah renewed talk of revenge against Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Paris on Saturday, and also admitted that he considers himself the best player in the world “in his mind”.

Since determining the confrontation between the English and Spanish giants, Salah has said on several occasions that he is looking to avenge Real Madrid after the loss in the 2018 final in Kyiv.

Salah exited early in this match with a shoulder injury after a collision with former Real captain Sergio Ramos, and left the stadium in tears, amid fears at the time that the Egyptian star would be absent from the World Cup in Russia.

Salah said in an interview with “BT Sport” with former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand: Yes, it is a revenge match after what happened in Kyiv when I came out after 30 minutes, but I am talking about revenge from a good perspective and not in a bad sense.

He added: Madrid remains Madrid and is the best ever in the history of the tournament and knows how to win, but I think if I stayed on the field (in 2018) we could have won.

And about the increased desire to win the continental title after losing the Quartet’s dream this season by losing the English Premier League title on the last day in favor of Manchester City, he said: Liverpool is more motivated.

And he added: I think this is because of the way we lost the league, but City is also an amazing team with a good coach and decided the victory in six or seven minutes (against Aston Villa in the last round 3-2 after trailing 2-0).

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And he continued: I felt as frustrated as everyone in the dressing room, I celebrated my goal (against Wolverhampton at the same time) because I knew before I came on the substitute that City was behind 2-0, then I asked the audience and I knew that he advanced and I was immediately disappointed, I was celebrating thinking that it was the goal of the coronation Until I realized this moment.

He stressed that he considers himself the best in the world, but he does not usually declare this in front of the media.

He continued: In my mind, I consider myself one of the best in the world, and I do not choose anyone better than me in my mind. I respect that, I don’t say in front of the media that I’m the best player, but in my mind I’m always the best.

He pointed out that he motivated himself to achieve the Golden Boot for the English Premier League top scorer for the third time.

He explained, “The first time I beat Harry Kane, and he was the top scorer in the previous two times, so I said to myself, why don’t I win again? And after the second Golden Boot I said to myself I can win four or five times.”

He concluded: During five years, I competed five times for the top scorer award. Last year, I worked madly to be the top scorer and the most assists player, and I achieved that.