“if it’s so that it’s accessible like for condoms at the vending machine…”

The Minister of Health announced this Tuesday, September 21, 2022 the free morning after pill without a prescription, for all women. Until now, it was only free for minors.

At the initial price of 3.50 euros going up to 20 euros for certain brands, the morning after pill should during the month of January become free and without prescription for all women. The Minister of Health, François Braun, assured him: “We had to fight against the difficulties of access to emergency contraception, because we know that its effectiveness is maximum in the 24 hours following the report at risk of pregnancy.“.

The urgency is strong, since since the beginning of the year, 160,381 abortions have been recorded in France. The free morning after pill is a godsend for all the women met at the Toison d’Or shopping center in Dijon.

Better late than never

Léa, 29, met at the Toison d’Or in Dijon

Aged 29, Léa is a saleswoman and mother of a little girl. The news did not go unnoticed for her. She explains with a smile how she feels reassured by the announcement. Better late than never! I would have liked this to happen sooner, but it reassures me, my daughter will be able to consult me ​​without fear of going to take the pill free of charge, regardless of her age.“.

Aged 34, Aurélie is the mother of two children. It is the financial side that relieves her. To charge already was not fair. It’s finally a good thing done, less fees and more daily charges“, she explains.

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On the side of Anaïs and Emma, ​​15 years old, in second class at the Simone Veil high school in Dijon, it is a giggle that seizes them when they hear the word pill. “That doesn’t interest us for the moment, but it’s good for later, we know that if one day, regardless of our age, we don’t have money, we can have some. But who tells us that çit will always be free”.

If the main concerned are delighted, this pharmacist from Dijon, he doubts the effectiveness of this measure.

If it’s to make it accessible like condoms in vending machines, will that change much? I do not believe it.

What are the terms of delivery, we do not know. Will this go through a vital card or an identity card? We are waiting for details. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean women are going to buy it. The important thing is health education“, continues the pharmacist.

“A person who has had unprotected sex or who does not use contraception is a disaster. We, pharmacists and doctors, must have the opportunity to make women even more aware, from a very young age, of their adult life“, explains the health professional.

In addition to extending the free morning after pill, next January the government will launch a free screening campaign for all STIs up to 26 years of age.