If James retires at the age of 40, he is expected to achieve 4 miracles. Jordan also has to look up|James|Retirement|Miracle_Sina News

  James is now 38 years old. Compared with his peers, he is the only one. Even among all active players, he is at the top level. It’s just that people have to obey the old age, and James’ decline is still obvious. There is indeed no so-called “reverse growth”. His current contract expires in 2025, so if he does not play and chooses to retire by then, he will retire at the age of 40. To be honest, it is reasonable to retire at the age of 40. He has everything he should have, so it doesn’t make much sense to play again. If James retires at the age of 40, he is expected to achieve 4 miracles, and Jordan has to look up.


  40000 points, If it weren’t for James, who would dare to think about 40,000 points, but James makes this possibility infinite. James currently has 38652 points, which is very close to 40000 points. Now it is not difficult for him to average 25 points per game, but he must obey the old age. He will miss certain games more or less every season due to injuries, and he has only played 55 games this season. Then next season will further shorten the gap of 40,000 points, and 40,000 points in the next season will be stable. The only 40,000-point master in history, who doesn’t look up?


  1000 wins, Now James is less than 100 games away from 1,000 wins. Now the Lakers’ record is not ideal, and they will enter the playoffs this season without any danger. But it doesn’t matter, 2 seasons, 45 games a season is still not a big problem, then after 2 years, there is a high probability that 1,000 wins will be achieved. At that time, James will be the fourth 1,000-win general in history, and now the star can only see his taillights.


  Before the age of 20, fight until the age of 40, James entered the NBA as a high school student, and no one thought he could play for so long. Many so-called experts originally concluded that James had fallen off a cliff after the age of 30, but now looking back, it is really a slap in the face. If James retires in 2 years, he will be the first star in history to enter the NBA before the age of 20 and then play until the age of 40. This is the veritable “longest river”.


  father and son competition, No one thought that the NBA would welcome father and son to compete on the same stage, and James is expected to achieve it. Bronny has already joined the University of Southern California and will be drafted as soon as next summer. Originally, there was no suspense about entering the NBA, and Brownie is currently the top 10 pick in the first round. James waits another 2 years, then he will definitely be able to compete with his father and son, whether it is a teammate or an opponent, this is already a good story in the NBA!


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