If Luleå Hockey wins, Markus eats up 25-year-old chips

Tonight, the seventh and decisive final match between Luleå Hockey and Färjestad is played and now Markus Bäckström hopes that his patient waiting for a new Swedish Championship gold is over. The chip bag ended up in Marcus Bäckström’s property after the final loss to Färjestad in 1997.

Have lived on hope for a long time

– I bought the chip bag in the hope that Luleå would win gold again and I have long lived in the belief that I will soon be able to open it. But now it has been 26 years and even though the expiration date has expired a long time ago, it has become increasingly important for me to save the bag. I hope you do not call me through in 25 years and I still have the bag … says Markus Bäckström.

“Very, very nervous”

He feels very nervous before tonight’s match.

– It is very, very nervous and stressful right now. I have invested in Luleå Hockey for 30 years and then it is tough on a day like this. Unfortunately, I have no tickets for the match, but I will see it in front of the TV with the chips ready on the table, says Markus Bäckström.

What do you do with the chip bag if Luleå Hockey does not win?

– I have not completely decided whether I will then continue to save the bag or make a ceremonial blast of the bag, because so far it has not brought much luck.