If podcast fans also listen to your music – Blond in the Southside Interview

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“We are fans of therapy” – says the band Blond, whose last song “My Boy” deals with exactly this topic. We talk to them about therapy in the music industry and why friendship doesn’t replace professional help.
In addition to their music, Lotta and Nina also have the podcast “Da must have been there”. The Corona project, which was originally intended not to lose the bond with the fans, has now assumed unimagined proportions. “We underestimated that a bit.” Suddenly, fans come to the merchandise stand who know every story, no matter how private. And also people who first found the podcast and then later became fans of the music.
How did the collaborations of the Sanifair millionaire Cypher come about? And why does Blond also play music by other artists at her concerts? You can find out in the interview!