Mike Hopkins sent his team out for the second half, and the coach in Washington paid attention to two possessions before recalling the huskies. Arizona State College Romello White had just locked out a Washington player and jumped to remove the rebound from another, causing Hopkins to miss a time count.

Hopkins fired at Wells Fargo Arena and signaled his team to hurry. For the next 20 seconds, he stormed into the huskies, stepped into Sam Timmins' face, kicked his chest with his chest, and yelled at her to show something crazy (not his word) heart. Not far away, as he walked to the ASU bank, White clenched his fists and let out a scream. This may have been the best moment of the eight-foot-eight round of the season, which has come under the skin of seasoned Washington and defeated the head of the conference in a much-needed 75-63 victory.

This ASU season was marked by Remy Martin's growth on the …



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