If the assassination had succeeded, the coalition would have been guaranteed

Many versions, but one weighs on the place

The attempt against Geshev may turn out to be an attempt to form a government. As we know, sometimes Bulgarian politicians conduct coalition negotiations like this. And they never get caught.

Of course, this is only one of the possible versions. No wonder the assassin is some non-party bandit, but then his case is private and depends on an ordinary prosecutor. What is Geshev for? He is a statesman who proved to be an insurmountable obstacle to great political deeds and long-awaited reforms. Let’s not downplay the attack.

If, for example, Rashkov was in Geshev’s place,

the arrest of Borisov and his associates last year would have been completely legal. So far, they have been convicted in the first instance, if only because of the testimony of Vasil Bozhkov, who would already be in Bulgaria. Perhaps in the second or third instance, the verdict would have been overturned, but GERB would have already been dissolved, and PP would have ruled alone or in coalition with DB.

Just to add off topic that DB coalitions always lead to bitter disappointments, like some decent women who keep getting bad partners.

Did I mention that the political version is only one of the possible ones? There are many others. For example, Mr. Atanas Atanasov from DB says the following:

Based on the experience I have, it looks like a multi-purpose active event. The aim is to glorify the victim, the victim here is in quotation marks, and divert public attention from the political crisis. This may be a warning to the participants in the political process.

And indeed, it is not excluded that the Attorney General is doing crisis PR. But then why are the woman and children in the car? Why does he need to shock and awe them? And if it is alone, the PR effect is the same. In my opinion, this reduces the probability of the PR version by at least 50 percent.

That’s why I think

the version of assassination for the purpose of political reform is stronger

and much more deserves our attention. Of course, I do not allow Kiril Petkov, Asen Vasilev or Atanas Atanasov to have given Geshev this experience. They are cultured people, strangers to violence and supporters of Euro-Atlantic values. But their cause is also at the heart of some more picturesque players, who do not spit and hardly share everything with their temporary companions.

From the very beginning of the protests in 2022, Geshev’s resignation was an ultimatum. He’s the one who sent investigators to rummage through the presidency looking for Russian spies. And he is the one without whom Borisov cannot be arrested and charged, and GERB abolished. He is the key to change. He has put a cog in the wheel of history.

It is no coincidence that Geshev’s removal is the most important condition for the coalition between GERB/SDS and PP/DB. But even if GERB agrees, even if it signs an agreement, this cannot happen – a change in the constitution is needed. This parliament cannot figure out who will be its president, let alone achieve a constitutional majority.

The removal of Geshev

it can only be done in two ways – either by murder, or if he wakes up with the horse’s head under the sheets (“The Godfather”), then resigns himself. Although even then it is not certain who will be elected in his place. What if the deputies of GERB vote for a person proposed by DPS? It happened, so it can happen again.

And Boyko Borisov must be completely tired of his freedom if he allows his enemies to appoint a chief prosecutor. I can’t believe he’s softened that much. But why is Geshev so important to Harvard economists Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev? He can’t stop the gas deals or the battery megafactory, much less the high pensions. With Geshev and without Geshev – theirs is not lost. So there is some other motivation, hidden from society.

If Geshev’s cold is bothering anyone, it is the group of oligarchs who were accused and arrested during his tenure. To them we can add the banker Tsvetan Vassilev, who suffered during the mandate of the previous chief prosecutor. And we know that Geshev was proposed precisely by Mr. Tsatsarov. Therefore, the attack of the protesters was against both of them, but only Tsatsarov resigned as the head of KPCONPI. While Geshev stretched like a donkey on a bridge, preventing the cavalry from passing.

At one point it was suggested that Geshev’s attack on Bozhkov, Bobokov, Arabadzhiev, Banev, etc., might have been inspired by the American embassy, ​​as it had a distinctly Euro-Atlantic character. But Geshev is also an enemy of the “Capital” circle, the main pillar of Euro-Atlanticism in Bulgaria. Thus, an unnatural reformist alliance was created, based on the principle “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Geshev himself warned 3 weeks ago that an “organized criminal group” was working against him: Mafia, oligarchs and politicians unite and do everything possible to discredit magistrates in order to destroy the institution of prosecution. They managed to close the anti-mafia court, and this was done under the banner of judicial reform… The backstage, as politicians often call the mafia, was the sponsor of this revolution aimed at discrediting and disempowering the prosecution…

If Geshev meant PP-DB, that’s a bit far-fetched.

But it is a fact that their first job was to close the specialized court and prosecutor’s office and terminate the cases against the group of oligarchs. In addition, some of PP’s contracts reveal ties to wealthy Russians linked to Putin. Some of their votes in the parliament give rise to the same doubts.

Conversely, neither DB nor the Capital circle can be accused of pro-Russian sins. things are complicated

they look like three-dimensional chess,

in which all three players threaten all three kings. And only the removal of Geshev can bring back the ordinary chessboard, after which a government can be formed.

As I have written before, the mafia in Bulgaria cannot be removed, but it can easily be headed. In Bulgaria this is called political reform.

2023-05-03 04:30:00

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