If the motorcycle leaves you stranded, surely it is due to one of these faults

The 10 most typical breakdowns on a motorcycle

Even if you take care of your motorcycle through maintenance and prevention, it is inevitable that breakdowns arise for various reasons: such as wear and tear, the passage of time or external factors that compromise its operation. Motorcycle maintenance is the best insurance for your safety. With the help of MAPFRE We take care of tuMOTO We explain what the most common faults are and how to try to avoid them.

✅ Fuel system related problems are quite common on motorcycles.

✅ Transmission chain breakage is one of the most dangerous breakdowns you can suffer.

✅ Tires are one of the most important elements on a motorcycle, since they are the only point of contact with the road.


📌 Fuel system problems:

Fuel system related problems are quite common on motorcycles. They may include clogged filter, dirty or damaged injectors or carburettor, faulty pump, or corroded deposits. These problems can affect fuel delivery and lead to decreased engine performance or even the inability to start the motorcycle.

📌 Discharged or faulty battery:

The useful life of a battery ranges from about four years, but factors such as the outside temperature, the type of route, the frequency of use, lack of maintenance, the corrosion of the battery terminals and the excessive use of electrical accessories affect the its durability. Motorcycle batteries tend to discharge if they have prolonged periods of inactivity or a faulty charging system. A discharged or defective battery can cause problems starting the motorcycle or even leave it immobilized.

📌 The chain.

A broken drive chain is one of the most dangerous breakdowns you can suffer. A broken chain can get caught in the sprocket and lock up, causing the bike to skid, or catch on the sprocket, causing costly engine failure. Keeping the chain clean, greased and tensioned is part of the most basic maintenance of the motorcycle (it is recommended to do it every 500 or 1000 km). When the wear of the chain begins to reach its limit (the chain stretches and the tensioners do not allow more adjustments), or the sprocket and crown have worn, always change the complete set.

📌 Switchboard:

It is the one that manages the operation, injection and ignition of an engine. It can break down for multiple reasons such as external agents (the most common, water), overload, cracks in the seats or programming errors.

📌 Throttle / clutch cable.

The most modern or high-end motorcycles, in recent times, already have electronic controls that inform the control unit of your intentions by electrical signals (accelerate more or less). The same is the case with the clutch, which is being replaced by hydraulic drive systems. But if your motorcycle “is cable”, we recommend you adjust its tension or adjustment (clutch or/and accelerator) periodically and lubricate the mobile points (the ends of the cable).

📌 Problems with the electrical system:

A motorcycle’s electrical system includes several components, such as the starter motor, alternator, voltage regulator, and fuses. Electrical problems can be caused by damaged wiring, loose or aged connectors (internal rust), faulty components, and can cause the lights, gauges, or battery charging system to fail.

📌 Tire wear:

Tires are one of the most important elements on a motorcycle, since they are the only point of contact with the road. Normal tire wear due to regular use, exposure to adverse weather conditions or lack of proper maintenance can lead to poor grip, decreased cornering performance and increased risk of accidents. Of course you have to keep them at their correct inflation pressure and check it frequently.

📌 Transmission failures:

A motorcycle transmission, whether manual or automatic, can experience gear problems or a worn clutch. These problems can cause gear shifting difficulties, abnormal transmission noise, or even the inability to engage or accelerate hard if needed.

📌 Brake system problems:

The braking system is essential for the safety of a motorcycle. Brake system problems can include worn or bent brake discs, worn brake pads, or faulty brake calipers due to dirt. This can cause a decrease in braking capacity, which is extremely dangerous in driving any vehicle…

📌 Suspension problems:

The suspension of a motorcycle is responsible for absorbing the impacts of the road and providing a smooth ride. Suspension problems can include worn shocks, bent forks, or leaking suspension seals. These problems can affect ride comfort, motorcycle control, and the life of other components.

Breakdowns are a common problem for motorcyclists. If you have any questions, in this video, one of our Experts explains the most common faults you can find.

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