If these spots appear in the sun, beware: the study

Sunbathing is one of the activities we carry out during the summer to give color to our skin. However, it can sometimes happen that the sun has a strange effect on us and even causes spots on our skin. Today we will see how to tell if you have an allergy on your own.

If these spots appear in the sun, beware: the study

Sun allergy, also called photosensitivity, photodermatosis or solar dermatitis, is a hypersensitivity of the skin to sunlight that causes inflammation and the appearance of spots and rashes, which are usually itchy. After sunburn and burns, this is the most common pathology combined with exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Sun dermatitis originates from a disproportionate reaction of the immune system to different cells or substances that we find on the skin and changed by the sun and ultraviolet rays. The organism opposes these particles and produces a skin reaction that manifests itself with the appearance of redness and, sometimes, blisters. Sun allergy is not an infectious pathology, but it can show itself by genetic predisposition.

In addition to familiarity, other factors that can help the appearance of sun allergies are: the use of specified chemicals on the skin and the use of drugs. In general, solar dermatitis can appear already in childhood, but it occurs more often from the age of 20 onwards and particularly afflicts women and people with fair skin. Solar allergy, precisely because it is associated with the action of UV rays on the skin, shows itself on areas exposed to sunlight, especially hands, neck, arms and chest.

The peculiar symptoms of photodermatoses are: skin redness, the appearance of blisters or red dots on the skin without itching or with intense itching. These symptoms can appear as early as minutes after exposure to the sun and certainly within a few hours. If you are predisposed to the appearance of polymorphic solar dermatitis, the advice is to gradually accustom the skin to exposure to the sun and to defend it by covering it with fresh clothes or creams with a high solar filter, not including chemicals that can generate photosensitivity.

This explains the phenomenon of the appearance of spots on the skin. If you suffer from this condition, take the right precautions to protect your skin.