If you can go for Hajj, garland Srikrishna.., Mayor has not committed any crime: V. Muralidharan

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‘If you can go for Hajj, garland Sri Krishna…, the mayor has not committed any crime’: V. Muralidharan

Kozhikode: Union Minister of State and BJP leader V. Muraleedharan has opposed the CPIM’s action in denying his participation in the program organized by Balagokulam, an RSS affiliate.

If you believe in some religions, action is taken, if you believe in some religions, there is no action. Muralidharan asked if the action was taken because of garlanding the idol of Sri Krishna.

The mayor is everyone’s mayor in the city. Muraleedharan added that participating in the Balagokulam event cannot be seen as a big crime and that the CPI(M) should end its approach of separating people by fencing everything.

Meanwhile, the CPIM state secretariat has expressed displeasure over the action of Kozhikode mayor Bina Philip, who participated in the program of RSS-affiliated Balagokulam. The party also tasked the CPI(M) district unit to take appropriate action in this regard.

The state secretariat has assessed that the action of the mayor who participated in the Sangh Parivar program is wrong and against the party’s approach and position. The CPI(M) district leadership had earlier rejected the mayor.

Meanwhile, the BJP district unit also came forward in support of Kozhikode Mayor Bina Philip in the controversy over his participation in the Balagokulam event.

Bina Philip participated in the event as the mayor. BJP Kozhikode District Secretary VK Sajeevan said that CPI(M) has not been told not to participate in the program and welcomes people of different political views to come together at cultural venues.

Kozhikode Mayor Beena Philip Balagokulam organized the Mother’s Conference and spoke on the occasion of the controversy.

The mayor had said during the program that child care in Kerala is bad and North Indians take good care of children. The Balagokulam Mathru Sammelan is being organized as part of Sri Krishna Jayanti celebrations.

But in response to the controversy, the Mayor responded that he participated in the Amma’s program and did not feel that Balagokulam was a feeder organization of the RSS.

The mayor had said that there was not even an iota of communalism in his mind and he had not strictly told him not to go to the party event.

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