If you consume 10 pieces a day… 8 great reasons to eat strawberries!

Strawberry is a healing store with many components it contains, from vitamin A to potassium, from calcium to magnesium. Thanks to its low glycemic index, it is beneficial to consume one serving (10 medium-sized strawberries) a day, as it does not cause sudden fluctuations in blood sugar. But beware!

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Ayşe Sena Binöz stated that strawberries can cause an allergic reaction, especially in children, and said, “An allergic reaction may develop as a result of the immune system overreacting to the protein in the strawberry. If you are allergic to birch pollen or apples, it is possible to develop a secondary food allergy to strawberries. Therefore, if you experience symptoms such as tingling or itching in the mouth, dizziness, swelling in the lips, tongue or throat, respiratory problems, hives, and diarrhea after eating strawberries, it is useful to consult a doctor.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Ayşe Sena Binöz talked about the benefits of strawberry on our health; she made important suggestions.