“If you don’t exercise with weight and you lose muscle mass, your metabolism slows down”

Lost and overwhelmed. This is how many of the people who come to the social networks looking for the best way to get in shape, take care of your health and, incidentally, lose weight. Exercise routines, nutrition tips, healthy recipes, diets… The barrage of information is such that it is worth looking for clear, simple and close advice. And that is precisely what Nieves Bolós proposed a few years ago when she opened her Instagram account (@niieves_fit), which already has nearly 600,000 followers.

Although it was formed as psychologist and worked in the field of fashion, she decided to throw herself into her activity as a fitness influencer a few years ago, driven by hundreds of messages of gratitude from the people who contacted her to tell her that they had managed to improve their body and their relationship with food thanks to your recommendations in Instagram.

Now he not only shares practical exercise routines, but also answers questions about nutrition and has been involved in the launch of his own supplementation brand together with the firm Onelife. We discover with her what are the main mistakes that are usually made in the field of nutrition and exercise and why the messages of Nieves Bolós are so valued by her followers.

Nieves Bolós

What are the mistakes that are made from the field of nutrition when pursuing the goal of being thin?

One of the most frequent mistakes is wanting very fast results and going from not taking care of anything to making a very strict change that leads to focusing on a ‘miracle’ type diet with which it is intended to lose fat quickly instead of focusing on changing of habits, which is the most appropriate. The problem is that many of these diets are too hypocaloric and also eliminate the carbs and the fats. That, in principle, can make us lose weight, but not fat. By removing carbohydrates we do not assimilate well the amount of glycogen we need, we eliminate a lot of fluids and perhaps we reduce some fat but at the same time we lose muscular time because we are not providing enough nutrients to the body.

We are then losing weight but not in a healthy way…

That is, you may think that you have lost ten kilos but not only have you lost some fat, but you have also lost fluids and muscle mass. That means that when you reintroduce carbohydrates into your diet, you will regain that weight. And also you will do it with rebound effect because the body has made a big restriction and that can lead to overcompensation.

The best thing would be to do a change of habits to eat well, with clear bases. And that is often not achieved due to a lack of information.

Regarding exercise, what mistakes do we usually make?

One of the big mistakes is fear of working with weights and the cardio obsession. With age, both men and women lose muscle mass, making it more necessary than ever to work with weights. But what often happens is that not only do you not work with weights, but you also come up with the ‘brilliant’ idea of ​​doing a lot of cardio. And that reduces muscle mass. What happens when we don’t work with weight and lose muscle mass is that our metabolism slows down. And if the metabolism is slower, it is likely that when you eat something more than normal, there is a tendency to gain weight, unlike what happens to a person with more muscle mass, who can afford to enjoy much more food. wide.

Many women are afraid of getting bigger from lifting weights, but that’s not true.

How should strength and cardio exercise be combined in a balanced way to be most effective?

Cardio practice should be as harmful as possible. I give an example. In the case of going out runalthough it is an activity that can be fine, it is true that, with a lack of technique, it can greatly damage the joints and also their process of recovery it is slower than if we exercise with a bicycle, rowing or swimming. This means that anyone who practices running has to distance this activity from strength training focused on the legs, since if you do them too often that will hinder your recovery.

I am more in favor of doing strength work as the main training and in terms of cardio I think that we do not have to focus so much on what is better or worse but rather on doing what one enjoys the most. The most important thing is to be constant. If a person feels that he likes boxing more than a Zumba class, let him bet on it. That is why I also insist that you have to try different activities because until you know them you cannot know if you really like them. Enjoying the process and being consistent is the key for the exercise to be effective.

What is your method for training with weights?

I think that in that I have the advantage that my training method is enjoyable, super dynamic and fun. It often happens to me that some women who say they don’t like training with weights change their minds as soon as they try it.

“Enjoying the process, doing what we like the most and being constant is the key for the exercise to be effective”
Nieves Bolós

What ideas have you had to demystify around weight training?

Most women don’t want to carry weight because they think it will increase their body volume. But I always tell them that what makes the body volume increase is the feedingIn other words, if you do strength training, what can make you gain muscle mass or lose fat will be the diet and not the weight you carry. If you eat more calories than your body needs, you would be in a caloric surplus and if you eat fewer calories, you would be in a caloric deficit. No matter how much weight you lift, if you are in caloric deficit your body will not have enough nutrients to be able to get wider or bigger, it will simply be stronger and firmer.

It is also common that many women do not know if they are in surplus or deficit, which sometimes causes them to focus on training with low weight and high repetitions. The important thing for the muscle is to live a effective stimulus. If you have worked with little weight, we will never give the muscle a reason to work because the stimulus it receives is negligible and it will not need to be exerted.

Nieves Bolós
Nieves Bolós

Is it possible to lose localized fat?

No. Thinking that is a big mistake because when the body is trained there is not an area in which fat is lost and another in which it is gained. I give an example applicable to women. The breasts have a large amount of fat mass as opposed to muscle mass and that makes their size reduce with hard training. This is normal because they have a significant fat mass. And the same thing happens when we get fat because they immediately increase in size.

Even if you work a lot in one area, you won’t lose weight right there. What you have to do to lose weight in a significant way is to work the whole body, because that accelerates the metabolism and allows you to reduce fat mass in a general way. In fact, if you only exercise your legs, for example, you will be working only 60% of your muscles.

Buttock routines always arouse special interest, why?

work the buttocks, like the abdomen area, is usually especially attractive to women because it is a part of the body that often generates the odd complex. We would be talking about the area of ​​the cartridge belts and the thigh, which is where more fat is usually accumulated. The desire to eliminate that fat that accumulates in that entire area is what leads them to be more interested in these routines.

Is it necessary to spend a lot of time training for it to be effective?

It is important to start exercising with a professional because when you explain your case and what you need, they will know how to make a specific planning. I work with some people to whom I give a very effective half hour of exercise as a guideline and for others I can schedule almost an hour. In some cases, a plan of three days a week is proposed and in another, with daily exercise. The professional is the one who can apply a volumea intensityand level of physical demand and one periodicity suitable for each person according to their objectives. If we train on our own, we run the risk of exceeding the volume or not reaching the intensity… And this leads to abandoning the exercise, because despite the effort, these people feel that they are not seeing results. The process has to be dynamic and fun because if you don’t have a good time and don’t enjoy it, it’s most likely that you won’t just see results, but that you’ll also give up practicing sports.

It has recently launched a line of supplementation with collagen as the protagonist together with Onelife. Could you tell us what its benefits are?

The collagen It is one of the main proteins of our body, we have it in the body. It is responsible for keeping the skin in good shape and elasticity, the functioning of the joints, bones, muscles, the state of the nails and hair… But the truth is that from the age of 28 It is losing internal collagen and that can lead us to suffer various effects. On the one hand, we can begin to suffer from joint pain, especially in those people who are more involved in sports. And on the other, the skin is less elastic, the first wrinkles appear, the nails are more brittle, the hair is weaker, the lips are dry… What collagen does, therefore, is to help us internally to make the appearance external is younger, juicier or fresher.

The one we have launched, Onelife by Niieves Fit, is a hydrolyzed marine collagen that, when taken, activates the body to produce its own collagen.


  • Helps delay the signs of aging
  • Helps skin elasticity
  • Contributes to bone and joint well-being
  • Take care of the health of hair, skin and nails

What are the main doubts that you usually get about supplementation?

They often have doubts about whether or not a certain supplement works. The main thing is to have a balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate rest. When you have that base, it will be time to assess which are the right supplements for you. Some are effective and have sufficient scientific evidence and others that are in doubt or do not have sufficient scientific support.

Collagen has proven scientific evidence, but that will depend on its quality and composition, as is the case with Whey Protein (protein supplementation). You have to pay close attention to the ingredients, the quality and the origin. For example, in the case of our collagen, its compounds help to have better absorption by the body.

How can we know if a supplement is not right for us?

Listening to the body For example, in the case of protein supplementation there is a wide range, from vegan protein, with or without gluten, with or without lactose… The problem is that often we don’t know how to choose and that leads us to ensure that we feel bad, that everything is bad or that it gives us a lot of gas.

In the specific case of protein, it is true that the majority of the population consume daily amounts through their diet that are much lower than what would be appropriate. And the same goes for collagen.

In this it is also important to clarify that when you start taking a supplement you will not see the results after three days, since the most common thing is that they begin to be noticed after three months. It is a process that requires time because an internal change in the organism is necessary.

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