If you hate me so much, what are your plyafuts?

The three-time Grand Slam and three-time WTA World Champion Babos Tmea Hibino Naval won the $ 100,000 ($ 36 million) slag tournament in Bonita Springs, Florida, and made a long post on Insagram. He shared a really talkative photo on the classic Hungarian tennis player, and he also condemned the malice.

The 28-a-side player from Japan’s Hibino Naval triumphed in the green slag ITF, where they did not lose a set to the dnt in the 4th place. At Sunday’s final, Olga Govorcova and Katarzyna Kawa, a Polish doubles player, were knocked down 6: 4, 3: 6, 10-7. This was the 35th trophy of the Hungarian tennis player in pros.

The three-time WTA World Champion Babos, who won the tournament in the pros, won the tournament in October 2020 with the Frenchman Kristina Mladenovic at Roland Garros, making a long and eloquent post on the public side after success.

“Today is the end of the American race, we can celebrate the gymnastics again after 2020. I will share the idea with you and suggest the pictures to you, I think they are talking. I am aware that the competitions did not turn out the way I wanted; I have achieved the results I had hoped for. I don’t think we should be able to endure the wrongs I get from some people (it’s interesting that I’m going anywhere in the world, they appreciate me and my results). how much I think, suffer, try to be better “, says Babm Tmea, who said she lost almost every match this year and was well on her way. This series is coming to a close.

Babos Tmea spoke to the malice in a long postSource: MTI / Zsolt Szigetvry

He said that he did not explain and did not regret it, he was simply fed up with petty, malicious crimes.

“It’s not the criticism; you believe me, there are few people who can handle these better … I’m aware that I have mistakes, I know I have room for improvement, but I also know that I will do everything in a day like I play tennis, I do tennis, I run, I run, I meditate, I read, I watch tennis, I work together So far, you have blamed me because I am. I lost more than 8 kilt. You’re coming in because I don’t always act like a ply. Be in my place, take this pressure, endure it if pp doesn’t go the way you want, even though there’s a lot of it in it, or pp a trsatok doesn’t fight while you give it your all. I play organs, I play for a short time, etc.

Brought, be it 32 or pp 4 degrees, losing or winning a match, 7 in the morning or 7 in the evening, the point is that there is plyn s working. Quietly, because he used to, as opposed to lying, malicious remarks. On the other hand, he has now decided to open the door, because for some it is a matter of punishment, not with intent.

“I continue to ask if you hate me so much, what are you plyafutsom? does it hurt if I get out? But if you win, you’re not happy either, you can still find something you can do without zero background. You teach easily, you fix easily, for you have no idea what wounds you have, not only on me, but also on my soul. The most important thing for a smom is that who knows, knows what I am like, and those who love me and not love my results! My results are appreciated, they are acknowledged, they are taught with intent, they are not down, they are not in the ground, I also do anything. One word in a word: Thank you to those who continue to trust me, those who support me, and those who stand by me! The current pros gymnastics, but most of all the games shown in the week (single and pros) do reinforce that faith in me. “