If you have any of these drinks throw them away now

We covered the Kool-Aid Recall Earlier this week, Kraft Heinz reported that the drink may contain traces of pieces of glass or metal. The company said the particles do not pose a serious threat. But he recalled the products affected by caution. Now, it turns out that several additional Kraft Heinz drinks may contain traces of glass and metal. As a result, the manufacturer has updated the recall alert to include the following beverages: Country Time Lemonade, Tang, and Arizona Tea powdered beverages.

Kraft Heinz Beverage Recall

The company listed all of the recalled products in a press release that was also posted on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website.

Kraft Heinz explains that he discovered the problem during an internal examination at a manufacturing plant. The company said it was working with retail partners and distributors to remove potentially affected products from circulation.

The manufacturer advises customers not to consume any of the recalled Kraft Heinz beverages. Instead, they should either bring it back to the place of purchase or throw it in the trash.

What products are included in the recall

Kraft Heinz listed all of the drinks that are part of the recall in the press release. The list includes several drinks sold in the United States and Canada as follows:

Select Country Time Lemonade, Tang, Arizona Tea and Limited Kool-Aid powdered drink code dates with “Best before” dates between May 10, 2023 and November 1, 2023. […]

In addition, certain Country Time Lemonade code dates with the “Best before” date of September 15, 2023 and certain Tang powdered drinks with the “Best before” dates of August 20-21, 2023 are intentionally recalled. in Canada for the same problem.

A full list of the various UPC codes that are part of the recall can be found in the press release. It contains packaging information and expiration dates for each separate product. It should be easy to determine if your Kraft Heinz beverages are part of the recall.

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What you should do

Be sure to check the Kraft Heinz beverages in your home against the beverage list in the recall ad. You’ll want to check out all the drinks sold under these brands: Country Time Lemonade, Tang, Arizona Tea, and Kool-Aid.

The glass and / or metal particles the company has found in some drinks are likely very small. In fact, they can be so small that you can’t see or smell them. Rather than taking the risk, simply throw out the affected products or send them back for a refund. The company makes no mention of any injury cases where Kraft Heinz customers discovered such traces on their own. However, you should avoid the drinks from the lots mentioned in the drink recall.

If anything in your pantry or refrigerator matches the list, you should return the product or throw it away. Kraft Heinz’s announcement also provides contact information for U.S. and Canadian consumers who may need more information about the new drink recall.

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