If you have high cholesterol, these are the six foods to avoid

PWe need cholesterol in the body, but excess bad cholesterol can be responsible for various health problems, such as cardiovascular disease.

There are certain foods that people with high cholesterol should avoid. Cardiologist Nick West and nutritionist Theresa Gentile explained to The Healthy website which foods to limit in this case. They only end up increasing the values ​​even more, which can be harmful.

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French fries are something to avoid due to trans fats. “They increase the risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease”, reveals Theresa Gentile. Butter should also be left out.

“It is one of the culprits for the increase of cholesterol in the organism”, he continues. Cheese is another food you should limit. They explain that it is rich in fats that can be harmful.

They should also pay attention to products that contain palm oil and coconut oil. “They can bring good cholesterol, but it’s best not to exaggerate the amount.”

Scroll through the gallery to find out about these and other foods to avoid if you have high cholesterol.

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2023-06-02 06:05:00

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