If you repeatedly refuse to hire… – a teacher from Dunakes received a letter from the school district

We hereby express our solidarity with our dear colleagues who stand up for the cause of education and make sacrifices for it. To emphasize this, as a protest against the retorts, today (Monday) we will participate in civil disobedience and refuse to hold our first two classes, 16 teachers from Dunakes wrote to the head of the local school district on Monday.

They did not take the job at the local Miklós Radnóti high school, which is otherwise considered elite.

The letter was signed “in agreement” by another 25 fellow teachers.

All this was published by Mónika Omischel on her social media page. The teacher later reported that she had received a response from the school district. The official letter was sent to your customer portal.

In it, they warn you that if you don’t take the job next time, you may be fired.

Miklós Radnóti High School in Dunakeszi is considered an elite school. It ranks 7th in the Pest county ranking, and 27th nationally. It is interesting that its deputy director, Zoltán Kárpáti, is a local Fidesz representative.

By the way, since February 2022, a huge student city will be built in Dunakeszin for HUF 40 billion, the central facility of which will be a double gymnasium. According to the plans, it will be fully handed over in 2024, but locally they hope to be able to welcome children as early as next year.

Opening image: Photo: Dunakeszipost