Technology If you want the specifications of the Galaxy S20,...

If you want the specifications of the Galaxy S20, they are here


The gaps begin to fill up for Samsung Galaxy S20 alignment prior to submission We’ve seen new photos of devices in nature, we learned more about cameras and software, and now we probably know many of the specifications for all phones, including Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20.

The people of mysmartprice He published a table full of specifications, which we have recreated below in our typical format. The specification design shows Galaxy S20, camera settings, battery capabilities, water resistance, software versions and size. Most of these things have been previously disclosed, although it seems that they may have been extracted from some type of official site.

What is the takeaway here? Probably, all these phones will be ridiculously large with ridiculous specifications at ridiculous prices. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is basically a 7 ″ tablet with a weight (221 g!). I’m not sure I want to try to keep it in a pocket for long periods of time. The Galaxy S20 Plus and the S20 are also quite large, but they have reductions in the Ultra camera department.

The camera situation will be fun on all models, only special attention will be paid to the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The 108MP sensor along with the ultra wide angle and telephoto lenses will create an incredible experience. Assuming Samsung has processed the dialing, prepare to be amazed at the capabilities of a smartphone camera.

The specifications below also show large batteries, ample storage (with SD support) and Android 10 with the new One UI 2. There will also be 5G, which is to be expected, especially in the US. UU. With Qualcomm 865 chips on board. I don’t think these phones are missing anything.

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