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Do you think you can use the “National Travel Assistance” you’ve been waiting for?

If you’re feeling frustrated because you can’t make a reservation, or if you’re tired of searching for a treasure trove of information, let’s look at national travel support from a different angle.

We categorized the campaign names in each region based on dogmatic and prejudice. Let’s explore the thoughts behind the campaign name together!

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Nationwide travel support end?Confusion after starting

“National Travel Assistance” is a campaign aimed at travelers residing in Japan who receive a 40% discount on the travel price and receive coupons that can be used locally by presenting a vaccination or negative certificate.

Although the nationwide travel support has just started, the number of sales for each accommodation facility and travel agency is limited due to subsidies allocated to business operators by local governments, and travel agencies and major accommodation reservation sites have already reached their budget limits. There was also a case to end the reception. In addition, there are cases where preparations are not made in time and there is a difference in the date when reservations start. Some of the sites that stopped accepting applications have since resumed, but at the moment, it seems that the campaign is not easy for users to use.

It wouldn’t be strange to hear someone say, “I’m getting tired of it, so maybe I shouldn’t go on a trip.”

Travel support measures have the nature of supporting the region by traveling. I believe that it is natural for travelers to use campaigns to make plans while being excited about where to go, what to eat, and where to stay. This is my personal opinion, but I feel that it is a waste to search for information while feeling tense when traveling. So this time, I would like to look at the support for nationwide travel from a slightly different direction.

Each of the 47 prefectures has its own campaign name for national travel support. There are various things that are connected to Kenminwari and newly added ones. By stopping for a moment and looking at the name of the campaign, you may be able to explore the thoughts and origins of travel support. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the names of the various campaigns!

SimpleConnect|IT introduction subsidy

[National travel support]Focus on “good deals”!5 prefectures of

Chiba Prefecture: Chiba Special Travel Campaign
Niigata Prefecture: Useful!Niigata Travel Discount Campaign
Fukui Prefecture: Fukui de Special Campaign
Kochi Prefecture: Kochi Tourism Value Discount Campaign
Tottori Prefecture: Well Crab Tottori Special Discount

The top batter focuses on “good deals”! 5 prefectures. As you know, as a measure to stimulate tourism demand in the nationwide travel support, travel price discounts and coupons are distributed, so you can travel at a good price. That important appeal point is included in the name. Each one is packed differently.

Chiba no Toku Tabi gives a soft impression because the benefits are written in hiragana. Niigata Prefecture boldly puts “Use it” and “Use it!” Fukui Prefecture uses “Fukui de Otoku” and “de” to add foreign language nuances and put together without being heavy.

The name of the Kochi Prefecture campaign, Sightseeing Tokuwari, simply conveys that sightseeing is a great deal. Tottori Prefecture’s “Well crab Tottori Tokudokuwari” is a line of words that cannot be ignored and leaves a strong impression. (*Tottori Prefecture has the largest amount of crab catches and consumption in Japan)

Even the same “good deal” is expressed differently depending on the prefecture. You can feel the commitment of the person in charge who came up with the name. If you find a prefecture that catches your eye, please check the official website.

[Brief memo]
* In national travel support, the majority of vaccinations are “three times vaccinated” and regional coupons are “can be used only during the travel period”, but some local governments have other rules. If there is such information different from others, I will introduce it briefly. (as of October 14)

Niigata Prefecture ★Vaccination certificate
・ Residents of Niigata Prefecture
Those who have passed more than 14 days since the second vaccination

・ Residents other than Niigata Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the third time

★Regional coupon expiration date
10 days starting from the travel start date

Fukui Prefecture ★Original coupon
In addition to the coupons that can be obtained with nationwide travel support, Fukui prefecture original coupon benefits are available
Tottori Prefecture ★ Discount coupon for guests
Distribute “guest discount coupons” that offer discounts on tourist facility fees in Tottori Prefecture for people outside of Tottori Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture.

[National travel support]New travel style recommended!5 prefectures of

Ibaraki Prefecture: Iba Travel Safety Discount
Yamanashi Prefecture: Yamanashi Green Zone Travel Discount
Kagawa Prefecture: New Udon Prefecture Stay Kagawa Discount
Fukuoka Prefecture: Sightseeing Campaign “A New Fukuoka Escape Trip”
Oita Prefecture: New Oita Travel Discount Part 2

In the name of the campaign, some prefectures have responded to the “new travel style” in which future travel can be enjoyed with peace of mind while taking measures to prevent infection. The word “anshin” and the expression “new trip” and “new prefecture” will appeal to safe and secure travel considering the impact of infectious diseases.

[Brief memo]

Ibaraki Prefecture ★Regional coupon expiration date
From the first day of travel (ticket pick-up date) to December 21, 2022 (Wednesday)
Yamanashi Prefecture ★Vaccination certificate
・ Residents of Yamanashi Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the second time

・ Residents other than Yamanashi Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the third time

[National travel support]4 prefectures where you can take a break and refresh yourself

Toyama Prefecture: Let’s rest in Toyama.Toyama Tourism Campaign
Gifu Prefecture: “Take a Break, Travel to Gifu” Campaign
Wakayama Prefecture: Wakayama Refresh Plan S Wide
Nagasaki Prefecture: Nagasaki Heart Breathing Travel Campaign

The answer to why we travel is different for each of us, but many of us look forward to relaxing in our destinations. These four prefectures will teach you the charm of such a trip. Just reading “Let’s take a rest in Toyama” and “Take a break in Gifu” puts your brain into relaxation mode. Expectations will increase as to how Wakayama Prefecture’s refresh plan can be refreshed. Nagasaki Prefecture calls deep breathing “heart breathing,” and invites us to a journey that relaxes not only the body but also the mind.

[Brief memo]

Gifu Prefecture ★ Regional coupon distribution conditions
One-day coupons (Gifu trip coins) are only distributed to recruitment type planning trips.

[National travel support]Rediscover the charm!3 prefectures of

Kyoto Prefecture: Kyoto Rediscovery Travel Project
Kumamoto Prefecture: Journey to Rediscover Kumamoto
Okinawa Prefecture: Okinawa Aya Discovery NEXT

It doesn’t matter if you have visited before. The three prefectures that promote rediscovery will encourage you to discover new attractions.

Okinawa Prefecture has applied the word sai, “discovery of color”. The colorful and beautiful scenery of Okinawa seems to come to mind.

[National Travel Support]Now is the time to travel!4 prefectures

Shizuoka Prefecture: Shizuoka Genki Journey
Shiga Prefecture: Nationwide Edition Now is the time to travel to Shiga!
Nara Prefecture: Now.Campaign 2022 Plus
Kagoshima Prefecture: It’s Time to Travel to Kagoshima Part 3

I couldn’t go anywhere due to the coronavirus, but now that I’m feeling like I want to travel soon, I’m going to support travel on a nationwide scale for the first time in a while… I’m not going now, when are you going? It is these four prefectures that make me feel.

[Brief memo]

Shiga Prefecture ★Regarding regional coupons
Excludes day trip items.The expiration date of the coupon is 3 days including the date of issue.
Nara Prefecture ★Prefecture-specific additions to discount rates and coupon amounts for nationwide travel support
・50% discount on travel products in Nara Prefecture by presenting a certificate such as having been vaccinated for the third time
(National travel support 40%, Nara prefecture’s own additional 10%)

・Regional coupons for hotel guests add an additional 1,000 yen (2,000 yen for residents of Nara) on holidays, unique to Nara Prefecture.

Kagoshima prefecture ★ Kagoshima prefecture’s own rules
・Increase of discount limit for accommodation facilities
In the case of using accommodation facilities on remote islands (products with transportation): 11,000 yen/person (usually 8,000 yen)
In the case of using accommodation facilities on remote islands (other than products with transportation): 7,000 yen/person (usually 5,000 yen)

・ If you stay at a certified facility related to infection prevention measures on weekdays, add a local coupon of 1,000 yen

・Increase in minimum usage amount
When using certified facilities for weekday overnight trips (products with transportation), the minimum usage fee is 7,000 yen per person per night (usually 5,000 yen or more on weekdays).

* Postscript by Kagoshima Prefecture: ~The “remote islands” in this project are as follows~
Shishijima, Katsurashima, Kami-Koshikishima, Naka-Koshikishima, Shimo-Koshikishima, Niijima, Tanegashima, Mageshima, Yakushima, Kuchinoerabujima, Takeshima, Iwojima, Kuroshima, Kuchinoshima, Nakanoshima, Suwanosejima, Hirashima, Akusekijima, Kotakarajima, Treasure Island, Amami Oshima, Kakeroma Island, Uke Island, Yoro Island, Kikai Island, Tokuno Island, Okinoerabu Island, Yoron Island

[National travel support]Concise and clear!13 prefectures

Iwate Prefecture: Iwate Travel Support Project (3rd)
Akita Prefecture: “Go to Akita!” Let’s Travel Akita Campaign
Yamagata Prefecture: Yamagata Travel Discount Campaign
Saitama Prefecture: Nationwide Travel!Saitama Wari
Ishikawa Prefecture: Ishikawa Travel Discount
Nagano Prefecture: Shinshu Wari SPECIAL
Hyogo Prefecture: Travel around Hyogo Campaign Wide
Shimane Prefecture: Shimane Travel Campaign
Okayama Prefecture: Okayama Hare Trip Support Discount
Yamaguchi Prefecture: Travel Yamaguchi Discount Plus
Tokushima Prefecture: Together!Tokushima Travel Discount
Saga Prefecture: GO!! Saga Travel Campaign
Miyazaki Prefecture: Miyazaki Travel Support Discount Campaign

These 13 prefectures have simple messages such as “Let’s travel” and “Let’s get discounts”. A descriptive campaign name that includes the most important content.

[Brief memo]

Iwate Prefecture ★Regional coupon expiration date
10 days from the date of issue
Yamagata Prefecture ★Vaccination certificate
・ Residents of Yamagata Prefecture
Also applies if the second vaccination has been completed (14 days or more)

・ Residents other than Yamagata Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the third time

Ishikawa Prefecture ★Regional coupon expiration date
Until December 21, 2020 (Wednesday)
Hyogo Prefecture ★Regional coupon expiration date
3 days from check-in date or travel date
Shimane Prefecture ★Vaccination certificate
・ Residents of Shimane Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the second time

・ Residents other than Shimane Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the third time

Okayama Prefecture ★ Okayama original rules
・If you apply directly to the accommodation facility, the minimum travel fee for weekday use will be 2,000 yen (usually 5,000 yen).

・Sightseeing coupon +2,000 yen per child per night for high school students and younger
*Applicable to travelers who accompany children of high school age or younger, who spend 5,000 yen or more per person per night on holidays.

Yamaguchi Prefecture ★Vaccination certificate
・ Residents of Yamaguchi Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the second time

・ Residents other than Yamaguchi Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the third time

Tokushima Prefecture ★Regional coupon expiration date
3 days including the date of provision (Valid for 7 days only for rental cars)
Miyazaki Prefecture ★ Regional coupon distribution conditions
In the case of a day trip, it will be distributed only when the tour is operated by a travel agency that has a store, etc. in Miyazaki Prefecture.

[National travel support]6 prefectures where people’s faces come to mind

Fukushima Prefecture: Fukushima Prefecture “Come” Discount
Tokyo: Tadaima Tokyo Plus
Aichi Prefecture: Iijan, Aichi Travel Campaign
Mie Prefecture: Come on!Mie trip campaign
Osaka Prefecture: “From All Over Japan” Welcome to Osaka Campaign 2022
Hiroshima Prefecture: After all Hiroshima Jawari

“I’m home” “Come here” “Welcome”…
With words like this, the face of the person saying the words will naturally come to mind, and you will feel a sense of familiarity. You can see that Osaka Prefecture is really good at business, as it appeals to people coming from “all over Japan.” “Iijan, Aichi Tabi” and “Yappa Hiroshima Jawari” make me feel like I’m talking to a friend. And I wonder if I’m the only one who gets excited about Fukushima’s “come.”

[Brief memo]

Fukushima Prefecture ★Vaccination certificate
・ Residents of Fukushima Prefecture
Also applies if the second vaccination has been completed (14 days or more)

・ Residents other than Fukushima Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the third time

Tokyo ★Combining campaigns
Limited to residents of Tokyo, nationwide travel support “Tadaima Tokyo Plus” and Tokyo Resident Discount “More Tokyo” can be used together
Aichi prefecture ★Regarding regional coupons
Excludes day trips
Osaka Prefecture ★Regional coupon expiration date
One week from the start date of travel or the date of check-in (boarding), or the day after the last day of the campaign period, whichever comes first

[National travel support]Different from others!5 prefectures where you can feel the individuality

Miyagi Prefecture: Miyagi Accommodation Discount Campaign
Aomori Prefecture: Aomori Prefecture Odekake Campaign National Version
Kanagawa Prefecture: Let’s go to Kanagawa!
Tochigi Prefecture: Strawberry Ichie Tochigi Trip
Ehime Prefecture: Ehime Tour Mican Travel Discount

Here are five unique campaign names that are a little different from the rest.

Miyagi Prefecture dares to put the “accommodation discount” on the front, and calls for overnight stays rather than day trips. That’s one strategy! While some prefectures offer discounts on travel and lodging, Aomori prefecture is known as a “outing” campaign. Well, I’m (personally) intrigued by the name of the campaign, which says, “Feel free to go out.”

Kanagawa Prefecture’s “Iza, Kanagawa!” is short but powerful. It’s just my imagination, but I think it’s about “Iza Kamakura”. The word “Iza Kamakura” has the meaning of “the time has finally come to take action” in addition to the meaning of “a big thing has happened”, so when someone says “Iza, Kanagawa!”, it is necessary to rush to Kanagawa. I will fall into the illusion that there is. It’s a fun campaign name that expands your imagination.

The cutest is the “Ichigo Ichie Tochigi Tabi” and the “Ehimeguri Mican Tabi Wari”. Tochigi’s specialty strawberry and once-in-a-lifetime encounters are combined in a cute way to appeal the special product and the taste of travel. Ehime Prefecture started off with a pun on “Ehimeguri,” then introduced a character (Mican) featuring the specialty mandarin orange, and ended with the keyword travel and bargain. I’m here.

[Brief memo]

Miyagi Prefecture ★Vaccination certificate
・ Residents of Miyagi Prefecture
Those who have passed more than 14 days since the second vaccination

・ Residents other than Miyagi Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the third time

Aomori Prefecture ★Vaccination certificate
・ Residents of Aomori Prefecture
Those who have passed more than 14 days since the second vaccination

・ Residents other than Aomori Prefecture
Those who have been vaccinated for the third time

Kanagawa Prefecture ★Regional coupon expiration date
From the start date of the trip to the day after the last day of the trip, whichever is earlier, 7 days later or December 21, 2022

[National travel support]Two prefectures where you can feel overflowing love

Hokkaido: HOKKAIDO LOVE!Split
Gunma Prefecture: Aigo Gunma Nationwide Discount

I’ve said this and that, but I think I’ll end with a prefecture with a theme of “love.”

Hokkaido and Gunma Prefecture, although there is a difference between English and Japanese, both have love for their hometowns in their campaign names. HOKKAIDO LOVE!On the site, I and LOVE are in red letters, and the message of I LOVE emerges. Aigo Gunma Nationwide Discount conveys the local love from the word choice, “Aikyo” = love for one’s hometown.

In addition, campaigns such as Sapporo Discount and All Noboribetsu Discount that can be used in conjunction with nationwide travel support are being held in Hokkaido. (For both citizens and non-citizens)

[Brief memo]

Hokkaido ★Number of vaccinations
・Hokkaido people
Check-in from October 11th to October 31st: 2nd vaccination completed
November 1st check-in ~: 3rd vaccination completed

・Non-Hokkaido people
October 11th: 3rd vaccination completed

Gunma Prefecture ★ Implementation period
Initially until October 31st ⇒ extended to December 20th


This time, we put the spotlight on the names of national travel support in 47 prefectures. There were various names, some continuing from Kenminwari, some completely new.

While the people in charge were busy with preparations, they imagined what kind of thoughts they had in mind when choosing the name. Uka

In the future, I hope that local governments will be able to smoothly allocate additional budgets, etc., and the handling will be easy to understand, so that you can travel without stress and at a good price! We hope this article helps you take a little breather!

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