If you’re tired of traditional TV, here are the prices for streaming providers

More and more people are daydreaming about television and switching to one of the various domestic streaming services, where movies can be found more than once a few months apart.

We are living in the golden age of streaming, and anyone who wants to watch quality (ad-free) movies or series from a dedicated interface (their own application) on their favorite devices legally has plenty of opportunities to do so, writes

Conversely, if you just look at it, traditional television is usually tied to a nuggetthat is, for the most part on TVs and with the service package we get a lot of taxes that we have no desire for, streaming is definitely a win-win, where we can already choose from a myriad of styles of movies and series.

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Furthermore, streamers have realized that they need to be much more flexible, so they move at a price that is smoothly worth a family up to more subscription also, so everyone is more likely to find the one that suits them best in the film set.

Prices for the domestic streaming universe will be as follows in May 2022

Amazon Prime Video

  • Price: 899 FT / month
  • Discount: none
  • Trial period: none


  • Basic package: HUF 2,490 / month
  • Standard package: HUF 3,490 / month
  • Premium package: HUF 4,490 / month
  • Discount: none
  • Trial period: none


  • Prices: HUF 2,390 / month or HUF 18,990 / year
  • Discount: 33% discount only for the annual fee
  • Trial period: none

Apple TV Plus

  • Price: 1890 HUF / month
  • Discount: A three-month free period of 90 days when you buy a new Apple device or
  • Apple One (full service portfolio of Apple available in Hungary: Apple Music, Apple Arcade,
  • Apple TV Plus and Iclouds Plus) for one month for free and HUF 3,350 per month for individuals or HUF 4,450 per month
  • Trial period: 1 week free trial

Disney Plus (departure June 14)

  • Prices: 2490 HUF / month or 24,990 HUF / year
  • Discount: for a limited time, from 14 to 26 June, the subscription is HUF 19,890 / year
  • Trial period: none

The complete list – with other streaming providers – is available on, by clicking here.