iFixit disassembled Apple wipes, the repairability was rated as “0 points” | T客邦

iFixit repair experts have completed the “dismantling” of Apple’s thinnest product: Apple wipes at a price of 590 yuan.

The Apple wipes were sold out soon after it was put on the shelves. Just like the discussion about this cloth on the Internet, the inspection and disassembly of the accessories by iFixit was carried out in a humorous tone.

“Look at the off-white color. Tasteful thickness. Oh my god. It even has a watermark,” iFixit wrote.

The repair website pointed out that the material feel of this cloth is the same as the inner lining of the iPad Smart Cover, which is made of a microfiber layer. Both materials have a “obvious synthetic leather feel, with a hint of ambiguity, similar to Alcantara.”

When iFixit “disassembled” the product, it found that the wiping cloth was actually two separate pieces of cloth stuck together.

iFixit disassembled the Apple wipes, the repairability was rated as

“If you feel a little overwhelmed by the price of 19 dollars (590 yuan), then pull the two layers apart and suddenly you have two pieces of cloth, each of which costs only 9.5 dollars,” the website wrote.

To learn more about the material, iFixit examined the cloth under a microscope, and it appeared to have a complex weave of fibers.

Under the microscope, the high-quality quality of Apple’s wipes is clearly on the paper. “On the left, this is what an ordinary cleaning cloth looks like under a microscope. It’s boring.”

What about the right? “The tiny fibers are intricately intertwined and combined together. It is not only a cleaning tool but also a beautiful object worthy of being cleaned. In this beauty, a thin line artfully depicts the ideal fruit of mankind: The shape of an apple.”

iFixit disassembled the Apple wipes, the repairability was rated as

Repair experts gave this wipe a zero repair score (out of 10 points)-“The new Apple wipe received 0 in our repairability score. It not only allows us to disassemble the very important MacBook Pro is distracted, and after we cut it into pieces with scissors, there is no way to reassemble it again.”

Although Apple wipes are currently sold out, there are still third-party alternatives online. They may not be engraved with the Apple logo, but they can clean Apple devices very well.