IFixit’s Apple Watch Series 7 Dear Down shows the same display technology as the iPhone 13

I fix it Apple Watch Series7 has been taken apart And despite minor changes on the outside, it still has some major updates below. As we noted in our review, the main difference between this device and the Series 6 is its slightly larger screen, which now shows that the iFixit teardown uses its built-in touch or “touch in cell” OLED panel. IPhone 13.

The website says the move is unusual for Apple in that it typically features a new display technology, OLED, with an ever-changing and constantly changing refresh rate, rather than the original Apple Watch. As former Apple iFixit engineers worked with Deirdown, this new display may have delayed production and the company released the device later than desired.

When a technology company first announced Series 7 on September 7, it did not have a definite launch date. Former Apple engineers used to say that the signals were lags, and the culprit was production mishaps caused by the watch face. “[S]The industry has some complicated supply chains and assembly processes, “the website explained.

IFixit found that the model’s battery was larger than its predecessors. The device’s large screen consumes more power, so it doesn’t translate into longer battery life. There are still some minor changes compared to previous versions of the watch. You can see the entire teardrop iFixit website, with additional photos of what’s inside the Series 7.

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