“Ignitis grupė” is looking for IT specialists: it promises that there will be no shortage of interesting projects

The international energy company “Ignitis grupė” is implementing a smart digitization program, installing the latest and updating existing service and business management systems. Therefore, about thirty IT specialists are invited to join the team of modern energy professionals, who are promised that there will be no shortage of professional challenges and interesting projects, and the created value of the work will contribute to the already ongoing transformation of the energy sector.

According to Lina Adomonienė, IT Development Manager of Ignitis Group, when implementing the smart digitization program, developing green production projects, improving service provision processes and data processing systems, the companies of the group need the competences of IT analysts, programmers, and quality assurance specialists.

“We openly invite IT colleagues to join us and become implementers of a significant transformation of the energy sector. Already today, energy trends are being shaped by offshore and onshore wind farms, the prosperity of solar power plants, the development of hydrogen technologies and many other innovations. Therefore, both now and in the future, the energy market will need specialists who analyze, design, program, install, support and implement not only green production projects, but also improve existing business processes in the course of the transformation of the energy sector, which goes hand in hand with the digitalization of business and humanization, which fundamentally change the face of energy,” said L. Adomonienė.

Ignitis group companies need business and IT analysts, especially those with more experience, who would help analyze and create system improvement opportunities, implement new processes, and further develop already started system modernization projects. To implement the modernization processes created by analysts, programmers who program in the JAVA programming language are needed. IT specialists who have mastered working on the .NET platform are needed to program the electricity balancing and forecasting system being developed. Of course, the competence of quality assurance specialists is especially important for the quality guarantee of all systems.

The report was published by: Laura Beganskienė, UAB “Ignitis grupė službiu centras”

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