Ignored by Healthcare and the media: the endless ordeal of those who suffer the adverse effects of vaccines – Covid Emergency

by Mario Menichella – Atlantico Quotidiano

With the Omicron which is now comparable to flu, and with the presence of an explicit vaccination obligation (for over 50s) or surreptitious through the Green Pass (for almost everyone else), the problem of adverse effects caused by anti-Covid evidently returns in all its arrogance. Several hundred serious cases are now emerging, all with the same begins: “Before the vaccine I had nothing …”. And what’s happening to the people I’m going to tell you about could happen to others at the third, fourth, or – who knows – fifth dose. In fact, no one guarantees you that it will always fit you.

Therefore I would like to give voice to the touching testimony of Silvia Vernò, vice president of “Listen to me” Committee, which brings together hundreds of people of all ages (parents, children, etc.) and from all over Italy who have suffered serious – if not very serious – adverse effects from these vaccines. But still relatively few people know him, having been born a few months, immediately after the summer, so it is likely that the people affected by adverse effects are, in reality, many more: perhaps even two orders of magnitude (i.e. 100 times ) Moreover. The Committee in question has its own website, but is also present with a page on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram e TikTok.

Vernò is a school trainer from Monza and, in a video intervention at the Coordination conference on 15 October, she told her personal experience, which begins like this:

“On March 23, at 12, I had the first and only dose of the vaccine Astrazeneca. At 6 pm I stopped walking. I state that I am 40 years old and I had no previous illnesses. I was in the house and I no longer felt my legs, I was in devastating pain as if some beasts were eating them and throwing them into the fire. So I was terribly scared and I contacted my doctor, who sent me to the emergency room in my city to do some tests. They did not reveal anything, so they sent me home recommending an electromyography. From there my ordeal began. Today almost ten months have passed since the first dose of the vaccine and I still live with chronic perennial pain, 24 hours a day, in the legs. Luckily I started walking again because I have a very strong body, but I still can’t drive and I can’t run (I used to do 15km twice a week). I currently live in a state of partial disability, but there are people who live in a state of total disability ”.

The ordeal experienced by Vernò is paradigmatic of what happens to those who have suffered damage from the vaccine:

“I have two small children, one of 5 and one of 7 and I have not been able to go to work anymore. I could not walk and I could not even wash independently, precisely because of these devastating pains and electric shocks that pervaded my body. I then started an absurd process of medical examinations, electromyograms, magnetic resonances and so on. And I was sent away from the emergency rooms and medical offices always without any diagnosis and without any therapy, or only – when it was fine – with the prescription of antidepressants and anxiolytics, which I never took knowing for sure that I was neither crazy nor depressed or anxious: I was simply, and still am, very ill. I, like so many others, asked the institutions for help and human dignity, which we currently lack completely. We are Italian citizens completely hidden and abandoned despite our request for help also made to the authorities and the President of the Republic, and this is a very serious thing “.

Thanks to social, Vernò has discovered that he is not at all a unique, but only the umpteenth case:

“I spent the first few months like this, practically in bed, desperate and totally abandoned by the Health Service until, this summer, surfing the net, I found an interview with what is now the president of the Committee Listen to me, Professor Federica Angelini, who told about her experience with the vaccine, of the adverse effects that she was also experiencing totally abandoned by the Health Service, also accused of being mad, depressed, and she too was continually prescribed psychotropic drugs. So I got in touch with her on Messenger, we met and found out that he had opened a group WhatsApp in which he was welcoming people who were living the same experience as us: therefore all people who were suffering, who had lost their health and were very ill without a diagnosis, without a cure and without help from the Healthcare and institutions “.

Federica Angelini, a 50-year-old elementary school teacher from Bussolengo, immediately rushed to get vaccinated and, after the first dose of vaccine, a real hell began for her too, with a neuropathy and very painful skin reactions: the skin is turned burgundy as if she had been burned after a day in the sun without protection, with red streaks that burned madly. And then terrible pain in the legs, buffered with cortisones and opioids. This was followed by visits, rushes to the emergency room, withdrawals, exams, appointments with doctors and specialists who had never seen anything like this before. All this by spending a fortune and often even being laughed at. She no longer knew what to do, she was desperate, she was looking for help. She then wrote a long post where she told her experience, receiving hundreds of messages where they told her many similar stories. The turning point, however, came when she responded to an intervention by Selvaggia Lucarelli by telling what had happened to her. Her post was shared on the Home Care page for Covid and there were 12,000 like and hundreds of comments. An avalanche of messages of solidarity received on Messenger and many similar stories.

But here, again in Vernò’s story, how the Committee Listen to me:

“The first months we collected, in this group WhatsApp, hundreds of people who confronted each other, even exchanging therapies, advice on supplements, on medicines, on tests to be done, precisely because we were all totally groping in the dark and in total solitude. Until this summer, with Angelini and five other people scattered throughout Italy, we decided to create a non-profit committee, which is called Committee Listen to me, which welcomes and collects the testimonies of all the people who have suffered adverse effects, and which also sensitizes individuals to make reports to pharmacovigilance, because all the people who are contacting us via email or through our social networks – and they are hundreds – often and willingly they did not report to AIFA and unfortunately, very often, reports in the emergency room are not made, and not even by family doctors “.

The worst is that these citizens, in addition to having lost their health, are also losing their jobs:

“These hundreds of people we are in contact with like Committee Listen to me they have all made at least one access to the emergency room, have been almost all treated by depressed people and have come out of there with prescriptions for anxiolytics and antidepressants. This seems to me a surreal situation. They are all very young people, by the way, and there is no one to tell them how to behave. There are people completely thrown into bed at home who can’t even get to work because of the pain they feel, they can’t even take care of their children. Furthermore, most of them do not have a vaccination waiver; so they are people who were well, who went to get vaccinated, who have completely lost their health, who are not being treated and who are losing their jobs because they do not have an exemption, except the few who have been helped and believed by the own family doctor. And, as a result, some are no longer able to pay the rent “.

The sample of adverse effects of those who contact every day il Committee Listen to me it’s impressive:

“There are people who do not walk, there are people who have pericarditis, there are people who cannot move their arms, who have lost their sight, there are people who vomit regularly every day and cannot even to hold their children in their arms, and these people were not given an exemption because in the hub vaccines it is said: ‘now that you are fragile you have to take the second and third dose’, but these are people who before the vaccine were not fragile people, they became fragile because of the vaccine! If I hadn’t experienced this situation firsthand, I myself would think it was crazy; because it is crazy to believe and to think that the state in which you were born is hiding, it does not help you. No one, or very few, in hospitals recognize vaccine damage: you show up at the triage and you are asked if you are depressed. I went to the emergency room in early April in my husband’s arms because I couldn’t walk at all and I had electric shocks all over my body, and my husband was asked if I was depressed! “.

We believe there is no need to make further comments. Note that here we have limited ourselves to neurological and autoimmune adverse reactions, which do not kill like cardiological ones but appear to produce permanent damage in many cases. So why doesn’t anyone go to these people’s homes to study and treat them? I also find it shameful that a citizen, mother and teacher who in her work would never have dreamed of abandoning the disabled children she followed, as vice president of the Committee Listen to me does not even receive a response from the institutions to which it has addressed.

All disappeared, leaving these people and their families to themselves; because, if a mother cannot get out of bed and lives in chronic pain, the state – which is practically forcing the population to inoculate an experimental preparation of which we hardly know the short-term effects but not at all the medium and long-term ones ( the related reports non are accepted by the adverse effect databases) – not only is she abandoning this mom, but her children as well.