III. According to Charles’ alleged secretive son, he and Prince Harry are the black sheep of the royal family

He is 56 years old Charles Dorante-Day he is a strange figure in the milieu surrounding the British royal family. The Australian man was born in Great Britain in 1966, and was adopted at the age of eight months by his foster parents, who were both previously III. Charles for king and Chamomile they worked for the queen. According to Dorante-Day, he learned from his foster parents that he was actually the child of Károly and Kamilla, whom the court had to secretly “get rid of”, considering that Károly was only 17 years old at the time of his birth.

Since then, Charles Dorante-Day has appeared from time to time, claiming to be Charles’ son and a member of the royal family, and demanding that the now-royal couple submit to a DNA test with him. With days II. Elizabeth after the queen’s death, the man also complained to the Australian 7News about the latter’s absence, and also voiced that he was upset to learn that it was not him, as the “first-born”, but William the prince became the Prince of Wales, i.e. the heir to the throne.

The man now struck a slightly gentler note. Also speaking to 7News mostly Harry he was talking about a prince with whom he thought they had a lot in common, as he put it, they were both black sheep of the royal family. That’s why he thinks Harry would be receptive to his case as well.

The Australian man – who was furious that Harry was not allowed to attend his grandmother’s military uniform II. At Elizabeth’s funeral – he spoke at length about the Duke of Sussex’s wife, To Meghan Markle also for his situation.

Trust me, Harry is very scared of someone coming at Meghan and saying something to force her to react. Me and my wife walk in similar shoes, I know what it’s about. I can advise Harry not to fear Meghan, let her say what she wants

said the alleged half-brother, whose wife is an Aboriginal Australian.

Dorante-Day considers the court’s behavior and communication with Meghan extremely hypocritical. According to the man, members of the royal family communicate that there is nothing wrong with the fact that Prince Harry’s wife is not white, but it can be felt that this is a huge problem for everyone. He says people are racist and insensitive towards Meghan, so he thinks the Duchess of Sussex should hit back at her critics and not let them look down on her.

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Regarding his own case, he only said that he would still be inclined to DNA testing, but there was no mention of inheritance ambitions. All he said was that if he could meet the members of the royal family in person, he would give them a big hug.

It is also worth visiting Dorante-Day’s Facebook page, where he regularly uploads his evidence that he is indeed Károly’s child. He regularly compares his facial features and features with current and former members of the royal family, or shares Nostradamus’s predictions about this with his followers.