IKEA coffee maker recall –

IKEA will call back the METALLISK espresso machine certain pieces of the product may cause the product to explode during use.

Product recall a With a date stamp between 2040 and 2204, Applies to a 0.4 liter stainless steel METALLISK espresso machine with safety valve and hotplate.

This is what the METALLISK coffee machine looks like, which IKEA recalls due to the risk of explosion (Photo: IKEA)

Customers can check the date stamp on the bottom of the product. Product number of recalled: 703.602.25.

As they write, the risk of explosion has increased after the material and design of the safety valve has changed, so only stainless steel
Products with a steel safety valve (silver / gray) are affected by the product recall. Recall does not apply to other products.

IKEA asks anyone who has purchased such a coffee machine to stop using it and contact IKEA to get the full purchase price of the product back. It is not necessary to prove the receipt of the purchase with a receipt or invoice for the return.

(Featured image: MTVA / Branstetter Sándor)