IKEA launches Sonos desk lamp horn with replaceable lampshade

IKEA Symphonic

As revealed earlier, IKEA and Sonos have brought a new generation of cooperation Symfonisk table lamp horn, which can be freely selected among several lampshades and mixed and matched with furnishings. The speaker (that is, the base of the lamp) is available in black and white. The size is slightly smaller than the previous generation. Stjepan Begic, the product manager of IKEA, said that the reason for changing the size of the speaker is because they found that many users are Use Symphonisk as a bedside lamp, so a smaller base can be used for more size bedside tables.

For the lampshade, two materials can be selected: cloth or glass, and both have black and white options. In addition, this generation of Symfonisk desk lamp speakers uses E26/E27 bulb jacks, and can provide “wider and fuller sound.”

Ikea Symphonic

Ikea Symphonic

The first-generation Symfonisk table lamp costs US$179, while this generation is US$152 disassembled into the speaker base, US$24 for the cloth lampshade and US$35 for the glass lampshade. Overall, the gap is not big. The new Symphonisk speakers are expected to come to IKEA physical and online stores in the United States and some of Europe in October. As for other markets, you will have to wait a little longer.

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