His dog is eight months old and does not give way to his owner. At Ikea in Eching near Munich both had a very special experience.

Update from February 14, 2019: A dog owner from Munich wanted to visit the Echinger Ikea branch near the Bavarian capital. With him, as in almost all his ways: Dog Emil, just a tender eight months old. No wonder that the dog hardly deviates from his master's side.

But in the said branch that caused a problem and at least a bizarre situation. Because the dog may only under one condition in the Swedish furniture store: "I was stopped at the entrance of two employees and asked him to put him in a car," the man told derwesten.de. And so the Ikea employees even made an exception.

On request from derwesten.de The furniture store said that dogs are generally not allowed at Ikea: "Because there are a lot of adults and children who are afraid of dogs, we can not allow dogs in Ikea stores because of this and also for hygienic reasons, except for this are assistance dogs, "said a spokeswoman for Ikea.

But if you take your dog with you, you can fall back on the dog seats specially prepared in the branches. There, dog owners can leash their faithful companions – with water, he is also provided there.

News from February 13: Ikea reflects on innovation

Delft – The furniture retailer Ikea checks the sale of products at other online retailers such as Amazon or Alibaba. That said the head of the Dutch holding company Inter Ikea, Torbjörn Lööf, the newspaper "Financial Times" (Wednesday). After the planning had taken longer than expected, the first test sale is now imminent.

Ikea boss: "You like to determine your own destiny

In addition, one could well imagine the construction of an industry-wide online platform. Ikea is not yet in talks with rivals, emphasized Lööf. "You like to decide your own destiny, so if you have the size and the possibility, then it fits," Lööf said. He highlighted the online fashion retailer Zalando as a positive example of such a platform.

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Ikea in the middle of corporate restructuring

Ikea is in the middle of a comprehensive corporate restructuring. The company is testing leasing concepts for furniture, as well as smaller branches in city centers. In addition, Ikea is working on its online strategy. Among other sales opportunities, the furniture retailer also wants to improve their own website.

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Video: Embarrassing mistake of the furniture giant Ikea



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