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Ikea sells world map with embarrassing mistake – New Zealand reacts brilliantly

Ikea only wanted to sell a world map. But one thing went very wrong.

Wellington – The home of 28 million sheep, glaciers reaching into the rainforest and animal, fruity and human kiwis: New Zealand attracts 100,000 German tourists every year. Nevertheless, the country that deserves the name "Middle-earth" from all parts of the world probably the most, does not seem to be present everywhere and everywhere: Just recently, the Swedish furniture maker Ikea made an embarrassing mistake in this matter.

For both online and offline Ikea has recently launched a deco world map called Björksta. This costs 47.99 euros and is quite nice to look at – but unfortunately it has a not insignificant catch: It does not map the whole world map, because the small country next to Australia is missing.

Responsible for product development is Ikea's headquarters in Sweden

As if this little mishap was not embarrassing enough, Ikea had announced to all abundance only in January, to open in Auckland soon the first megastore of New Zealand. Just forgetting this country on a world map does not seem to be the best omen for the planned breakthrough in the island nation.

A quite respectable map of the world – but to the east of Australia only a sad nothingness can be seen.


A spokeswoman for Ikea was accordingly uncomfortable and told the BBC that Ikea would take the necessary measures as soon as possible. "We regret this mistake and apologize," said the spokeswoman. The variant of the map, on which New Zealand is missing, will therefore be phased out as soon as possible.

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Video: Ikea will give furniture soon

Ikea forgets New Zealand: The Kiwis lack presence on world maps, but not in humor

Fortunately, the New Zealanders take the whole thing with humor – because in fact they are quite used to such "ignorance". Both the US Smithsonian Museum, the famous Starbucks coffee company, and even the United Nations already had world maps circulating without the island state.

For some months now, the New Zealand government and the tourism authority are looking for not very serious advertising spots under the hashtag #GetNZontheMap (in German: "Bring New Zealand on the map") for reasons for the comprehensive and mysterious disappearance of their homeland.

The stand-up comedian Rhys Darby suspects in some spots an intrigue "as big as Loch Ness and the moon landing together" – and who knows, maybe there is indeed a world conspiracy of the direct neighbor Australia behind it? The idea of ​​simply erasing the tourism magnet next door seems sure to tempt the Aussies, right? With numerous other, partly completely absurd conspiracy theories, the Kiwis prove not only a pronounced tendency for self-irony, but above all one thing: that they deserve to appear on every world map of this earth.

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