Ikea will open its first store in Paris in the summer of 2019


Finally, it’s done! Walter Kadnar, the CEO of Ikea France, signed last Friday the lease for the lease of 6,000 square meters, including 5,000 m2 of sales area, in the old building of Trois Quartiers, near La Madeleine, in the heart of Paris. In 2014, its predecessor, Stefan Vanoverbeke, launched a feasibility study for the establishment of a Swedish furniture giant’s store in the capital, where Conforama, its challenger in France, opened in 2012. a flagship on the Avenue de la Grande-Armée. ” A big step ” The boss of the French subsidiary does not specify the name of the lessor (a foreign owner), nor the amount nor the duration of the lease (“long term”, he indicates nonetheless) for this operation carried out by the real estate council Knight Frank. On the other hand, he announces to the “Echoes” that the opening of this first point of sale in Paris, instead of the C & A which closed, and above the Decathlon (whose turnover is one of the highest in the chain of sports shops), will intervene “In the summer of 2019” . It’s a “Big step for the sign” , welcomes Walter Kadnar who promises a totally new concept for an investment of 6.6 million euros. According to Antoine Salmon, at Knight Frank, this transaction “At a market price, when C & A was at a slightly higher level” is, for more than one reason, “Exceptional” . First, explains the expert, “By its size, in view of the area concerned and the quality of the address” , then “By the signal sent by Ikea, which thus makes Paris the spearhead of its conquest of city centers” , when the London, New York and Ryad projects are under development. New format downtown This store, on two floors and will have no less than 400 m2 of glass on the Boulevard de la Madelaine, will be accessible in less than 20 minutes by public transport to some 2 million Parisians. “It ticks all the boxes in terms of visibility, accessibility, and sales area to make it a new downtown format” says Emma Recco, Director of Real Estate and Expansion at Ikea France. But now everything remains to be done to define the concept. “We start from a blank page. It will not be a shop four times smaller than our traditional supermarkets, but a new format “, insists Walter Kadnar. Certainly, it will combine physical presentation of a selection of furniture accessories and decorative objects in takeaway, and digital presentation to give consumers access to the entire offer of the brand (it will not there will be no furniture stocks on site). Sustainable development component In fact, this store will become part of the world’s largest furniture retailer in Île-de-France, which has 7 stores around Paris and builds a warehouse with floors along the Seine at Genevilliers, which will open in early 2019. In addition, it will propose development solutions adapted to the needs of the occupants of housing in Paris. Finally, Ikea promises “A very sustainable development component” says the boss of the French subsidiary, in line with the commitment of the Swedish group of road transport of its 100% electric goods by 2020. “In recent years, we have invested 700 million euros in France , and we will invest another 450 million in 3 years, ” said Walter Kadnar confirming that despite a bit of slack over the 2016-2016 financial year (closed at the end of August), Ikea’s third market in the world remains eminently buoyant. Antoine Boudet


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