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Ikea with bizarre invention! Furniture giant crosses two objects

Ikea launches a new product. This is a combination of two everyday objects – but does that make sense?

Munich – Ikea is trying on a bizarre innovation: Together with the US-based speaker manufacturer Sonos brings the Swedish furniture store a product on the market that has not existed in shape in the range yet. The idea behind it is quite simple – just two everyday objects were connected.

Ikea crosses two everyday objects – will this product be a hit?

As Ikea announced at the Milan Design Week, the new name is the "Symfonisk" – and is a combination of lamp and loudspeaker. The company itself praises the new product as "the loudest and smartest table lamp that Ikea ever had in its range". The speaker can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi so that streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music can be used. The control should be possible via the Sonos app.

Ikea puts loudspeaker lamp on the market – that's behind it

Iina Vuorivirta, one of the designers at Ikea, commented on the motives for the unusual product crossing: "For the idea of ​​combining a lamp with a speaker, we were inspired by an open fireplace – because it spreads heat at the same time and pleasant sounds. "

Tad Toulis, Vice President of Design at Sonos, said, "Music and light play a key role in creating a comfortable sense of space, so we've developed a product that can capture both." Ikea had just announced a new service, the for the environment and financially weak customers should be beneficial – so at least the plan.

Ikea launches loudspeaker lamp – that's how much the gadget costs

First short tests showed no surprising results. Sonically you have "no differences between the Ikea speakers" and the loudspeaker One One of Sonos can be found, writes the website – "what the statement of the manufacturer underpins that it is the same technology."

The "Symfonisk table lamp" should be available in Germany according to Ikea data from August. Interested customers, however, have to grab a neat pocket to be able to put the daring crossroads into the living room: 179 euros they should shell out for the purchase of the speaker lamp. What do you think of the new product?



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