Ikea’s new speakers rise like pictures. Throw yourself into a tiny apartment

kaj mu picture frame speaker, ie the speaker in the picture frame, what he is talking about in. Hang it on the wall just like a picture or photograph in a frame. only a 3.5 meter power cable leads to the loudspeaker, its waste can be wound in a cavity on the back, so nothing will burn. If you put more than one picture side by side, you can stretch it. The control buttons are on the back.

If you do not want to drill handles into the wall, thanks to rubber pads, you can play pictures and place them on the floor or on a shelf and re-create the wall.

Unlike some historical image-rendering features, it is not the sound of NXT panels, but the classic configuration of a broadband mixer for midrange and bass and an age mixer with a high-frequency star diffuser. Thanks to the diffuser, all emitters should be in a different direction and thus be audible throughout the room. After all, the ability to fill a room with sound from small speakers is something that Sonos, the creator of the product’s sound system, can tell you about our combined reviews of the Ark soundbar, Sub subwoofer, small One speakers and the interesting Port.

The majority of the image is then formed by the bass with the bass reflex system tuned so that even from such a speaker surface area of ​​the image with a thickness of 6 centimeters, they include reasonable bass.

The dimensions of the image are 41 x 57 centimeters and you can orient it to the height. The catalog will include 14 graphic designs or detachable cover frames. During the online performances, we saw two of them, a white and black variant from the artist Jennifer Idrizi, inspired by the cymatics of a scientist exploring how sound breaks down the physical structure of materials.

Symfonisk’s new sound images are fully compatible with the Sonos ecosystem, including applications (newer version S2) or the ability to create multi-room groups at home. The two images can be combined into a stereo, but of course not with other models it would be lame, so the manufacturer first considers it nonsense. This is the same as for the two products, including Symfonisk shelves and lamps, which we reviewed in August 2019.

The owner of the Apple device can also use the AirPlay2 dog, but you would look in vain for Bluetooth on the systems.

The manufacturer has not yet submitted more technical details. It will go on sale on July 15 for the price of 4,990 K. Once the test specimens arrive in R, let’s prepare a review.