IKEA’s new widget makes a mobile charger from any desktop

IKEA is diligently building its offering, which includes furniture that supports wireless charging technology, so that mobile phones can be used as charging stations. In the future, the method will also be available to those who do not want to invest in brand new furniture, as the Swedish company has developed a product that can be mounted on almost any cover made of wood or plastic and then used as a mobile charger, writes The Verge.

The accessory called Sjömärke can thus be applied to the bottom of any existing piece of furniture, say an existing desk, or to a shelf, so that the device can be charged when placed on the other side. The charger, made of aluminum and plastic, works with 5 watts of power.

The device will cost $ 39.99 (approximately HUF 12,000 net) and will be available in the United States and other countries from October, but it is not yet known when it will arrive in Hungarian stores.