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“Frequent shopping was a reality during the pandemic. We notice that after it subsided, Lithuanians quite quickly returned to the habit of visiting the store more often. There can be more than one reason. Some do so because fresh produce is an important part of their diet. Others don’t like the big planning involved in shopping just once a week. Also, some experienced with their wallets that more frequent visits do not necessarily equal higher costs,” says V.Budrienė.

Weekly Shopping: Careful planning will save you money

Weekly shopping for seven days in one go has its own circle of fans all over the world. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that with fewer visits to the store, you are less likely to be tempted to give in to impulse purchases.

Second, one big shopping spree can make it easier for some to manage their budget. In order to buy food for the whole week, you will naturally have to spend a considerable amount. A large number on the check can make you think about how to choose products more carefully and intelligently.

In addition, when shopping for the whole week, you can choose larger packages of products – in some cases, this helps to shop more economically. Finally, one more trip to the store will save you time and, if it’s far from home, money that would have been spent on fuel.

On the other hand, less frequent shopping has its own inconveniences. In order to stick to the plan of visiting the shops only once a week, it is necessary to carefully plan seven days’ worth of meals and, after inventorying the refrigerator and cupboards, ensure that there are enough supplies at home. This process can be time-consuming and leave little leeway to change the menu when weekly plans change or new culinary cravings arise.

The benefits of shopping several times a week

Although it may seem unexpected, but more often I thought about shopping, you can take care of a healthier diet for yourself and your family, and at the same time save money.

According to Eurostat data, on average, one Lithuanian person throws away about 86 kg of food per year.

A pressing problem these days is food waste. According to Eurostat data, on average, one Lithuanian person throws away about 86 kg of food per year.

This is not only a burden on the environment, but also on the wallet – the money that was paid for the purchased products is wasted.

Therefore, a useful tip is to buy only what you need and when you need it. By shopping more often, it will be easier to control what and what you have at home, so you will be less likely to throw away food.

A big plus of more frequent shopping is the opportunity to enjoy the freshest products of the new harvest. Warming weather brings an ever-increasing assortment of fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables to stores. Some vegetables and fruits can last long enough at home if they are properly stored. However, products that are inseparable from summer, such as fresh strawberries and cherries, will lose their taste and appearance after just a few days.

“We are famous for fresh products, so customers come to pick them more than once a week. We took this into account when creating a new loyalty program where we give customers points, which they can exchange for discounts or prizes. Points are also collected by participating in challenges. For example, from now on, visiting the store more often means not only fresher food on the table, but also more points returning to the loyalty card,” says V. Budrienė.

Plus, shopping more often allows you to take advantage of more of the best discounts. Retail chains publish not only weekly promotions, but also present special offers that are valid only on the weekend or on one specific day.

And even attractive weekly promotions are easier to take advantage of if you visit the store several times a week. When buying everything for seven days, it is inevitable that some perishables may have to be frozen. Meanwhile, with a few shorter visits to the store, you can buy fresh meat at a discount one day, and enjoy fresh fish a few days later.

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The “Iki” retail chain belonging to the international “Rewe” group has been operating in Lithuania since 1992. With 237 stores throughout Lithuania, “Iki” is one of the largest retail chains. The company, which is among the largest employers in the country, has employed about 5.5 thousand people. workers. The retail chain, together with Pixevia, has opened four independent stores with the “Iki” brand in Vilnius. The retail chain also operates home delivery startup LastMile and an own-brand e-store.

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