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Ilhan Omar: Democrats accuse Donald Trump of endangering MPs

foreign countries "Disrespectful video"

Democrats accuse Trump of endangering Muslim MPs

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Congressman apologizes for statement – Trump attacks

Democratic US Congressman Ilhan Omar has apologized for an anti-Semitic statement. Nevertheless, US President Trump has sharply attacked her via Twitter. Born in Somalia, Omar is one of the first two Muslim women in the US Congress.

US Democrat Ilhan Omar is under criticism for commenting on the 9/11 attacks. US President Trump turns on a video in the debate. This causes an outcry among Omar's party friends.

DThe US Democrats have accused President Donald Trump of endangering Muslim MP Ilhan Omar by distributing a video. The House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, called on Trump on Sunday to erase the "irreverent and dangerous video" about Omar's comments on the 9/11 attacks. Omar has received more death threats since its release.

"His hateful and inflammatory rhetoric creates a real danger," Pelosi told the president. She ordered the congressional police to conduct a security check to protect Omar, her family and her staff.

Omar himself said Trump promoted right-wing extremism. The endangered life and "that has to stop."

Trump had posted a video on Twitter last Friday. In it – accompanied by threatening music – a section of a speech of Omar with pictures of the terrorist attacks of September 11 is cut. The part with her speech, however, was shortened. The Democrat MP said in March, "Some people have done something," critics said, as a trivialization of the 3,000 deaths.

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In fact, Omar said in her speech that Muslims feel that their civil rights have been eroded since the attack. Some critics accuse her in this context, however, a flippant language. Omar had repeatedly distressed other Democrats with comments about Israel and the influence of the Israeli state on Washington.

Numerous prominent Democrats rushed to Omar's aid and accused Trump and other Republicans of misinterpreting the sentence and endangering Muslim MPs.

Presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders rejected this on Sunday. Trump wished "certainly no violence against anyone," she said in the station ABC. At the same time she described Omar's statements as "absolutely scandalous". Trump had done the right thing to criticize the Democratic delegates – even the Democrats should do it. Trump did not erase the tweet, but removed it from the prominent spot on Peliot's critique at the top of his Twitter wall.

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Omar himself said on the weekend, "Nobody – no matter how corrupt, inappropriate (for an office) or malicious – can jeopardize my unwavering love for America." But violent crimes and other hate of right-wing extremists and white nationalists are happening across the country and beyond coming in all over the world. "We can no longer ignore that they are encouraged by the holder of the highest office in the state," she said.

The MP had caused a stir in February when she attributed the Israeli-friendly attitude in the US to donations from a pro-Israel lobby group. Later, she apologized for this statement, which also met with criticism from the Democrats.



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