Iliana Raeva announced: The ensemble is giving up, I failed to dissuade them

The “golden” girls stop after the World Cup

The Olympic champions with the rhythmic gymnastics ensemble will end their careers, the president of the federation Iliana Raeva announced in an interview for the youtube channel “Sports Jungle”.

They will stop competing after the World Cup, and then a benefit will be organized in their honor.

“I have tried to talk to this ensemble several times in the last two years. They have great potential. They are young girls,” said Iliana Raeva. “I wanted to convince them that they can easily win another Olympic cycle. the high peak, everything else is fading. They have done their job. The dream has come true. I understand them. “

Simona Dyankova, Stefani Kiryakova, Madeleine Radukanova, Laura Traats and Erika Zafirova brought great joy to Tokyo, dethroning the hegemon in this discipline Russia.

Iliana Raeva reveals the secret plan for the selection of their heirs, what battle she fought for the organization of the World Cup in Sofia and how they looked at her with ridicule when she founded her club.

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