Iliana Raeva: I hugged and kissed Murray, I told him that I love him very much

Iliana Raeva wrote an emotional post after Levski’s triumph for the Bulgarian Cup. After the victory over CSKA, she bowed to Stanimir Stoilov.

Here is what Nasko Sirakov’s wife wrote:

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The Blues celebrated in a popular metropolitan restaurant

It is with great pleasure that I have watched Murray’s work from the beginning. It is with great pleasure that I listen to their discussions with Nasko on the phone after each match, sometimes lasting more than an hour. Being a great coach is a special gift. So many things are required …

To understand the matter, to be an educator, to be able to teach the athletes, to be a psychologist, to know how to react at any moment. Be a motivator because motivation is so important in sports. Be an analyst who does not miss the important detail of success or failure. To be adequate to the time to which the competitors are subject and to know how to intervene to hold the reins properly. To keep up with the evolution of the sport and to adapt quickly … and more, and more … It takes courage, perseverance and intelligence! To know how to communicate with the many people around you, to know who to work with and to sift through the useful and the necessary from the chaff and the unnecessary.

Well, Murray is a combination of all that! That’s why he is a great coach! You will say: Well, a bowl …

Yes, but at what moment, under what circumstances ?!

Murray is a phenomenon in Bulgarian football as a coach. When Nasko convinced him to return, I wrote that he was the white swallow in Bulgarian football. He proved my words a few hours ago.

Today, after the victory, I hugged him tightly, kissed him and told him that I love him very much. Because I love many such great professionals. “

The cup is an honor for them!

The cup is an honor for them!

There is no limit to “blue” dreams