Illegal Streaming Actors of Football Impressions Become Suspects Pages all

| | – Culprit streaming Illegal football shows through applications in West Java and Central Java have been named suspects by the local police.

According to the examination results, the perpetrators are known to have committed a crime after using the TVku Player application and Handsome’s IPTV to broadcast shows from Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) technology.

For their actions, the suspects are now under sentence of a maximum of 10 years in prison and a Rp4 billion fine.

The threat refers to the provisions of Article 118 paragraph (2) of Article 25 letter paragraph (2) of Law No. 28 of 2014 regarding Copyright.

This case is a follow up to Mola TV’s report as a Mola Content & Channels licensee.

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One of Mola TV’s attorneys, Uba Rialin, said that his party actually did not want to bring a case streaming illegal it is to the legal route.

Previously, Mola TV had announced the rights to impressions through national newspapers and persuasive approaches to audiences in many areas such as Jakarta to Balikpapan.

Not only that, Mola TV has also issued a written warning to the alleged infringers.

However, these efforts were ignored so Mola TV chose to take legal action.

“This step is proof that we have to struggle with concrete actions, especially related to cases of copyright infringement on these legally owned shows,” Uba Rialin said in a press release received

“The content on Mola TV is obtained from a valid agreement with the licensee concerned at home and abroad,” Uba said.

“Therefore, this case of copyright infringement does not only harm our side. The name of Indonesia is also tarnished because we have been trusted to be the sole licensee,” Uba said.

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Furthermore, Uba hopes that this case can be a lesson for the public regarding the copyright of an impression.

“Intensive law enforcement officials will continue to investigate and take legal action against suspected copyright infringers from Mola TV,” Uba said.

“Law enforcement officers will act against the perpetrators who carry out distribution, broadcast and / or hold watching activities together, as well as other activities which are a form of copyright infringement on Mola TV shows without permission in Indonesia,” Uba said.

In Indonesia, Mola TV is a licensee of two competitions included in the top five European leagues, namely the English League and the German League.



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